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VISVESWARAYA & GANDHIJI Gandhiji words in a letter Both played vital role but in unique ways


DIFFERENCES Gandhi Called himself Daridranarayana@ the god of the poor Dressed as faqir Small scale industries Truth and non-violence Visveswaraya Immaculately dressed In favour of large scale industries The architect of big dams and dewan of Mysore

Childhood details:

Childhood details Born on : 28 August 1860 Village : Muddenahalli Taluk: Chikballapur District: Kolur (Mysore @ karnataka) Father: Srinivasa Sastry Mother: Venkata lakshammu Mokshagundam – Agrahara- Brahmins-Siddarpur-kurnool- AP

Difficulties :

Difficulties Lost father at 15 Completed lower secondary at Chikballapur No money for higher studies H.Ramaiah took his care @ brother of his mother Taken to Bangalore & admitted to Wesleyan mission high school in 1875 Joined Central college Taught privately to Muddiah (minister) sons Walked 10 miles

Bangalore palace:

Bangalore palace

Central college:

Central college


Career Joined in Engineer’s cadre in 1884 In charge of Nasik(Dt) Asked to construct siphon on Panjra Rains started pouring Appeal to superior Thought about wasteful expenditure Asked to continue Took that as challenge




Appreciation Completed the work in two months Executive engineer appreciated and took back adverse remarks Keen to work in a high rank Learned Marathi and became proficient Posted to Khandesh Affected with malaria Requested for transfer Placed in charge of the Roads and Buildings division in Poona

Drinking water @ Sakkur:

Drinking water @ Sakkur Posted to Sakkur Job was to provide drinking from river Sindhu Water had to be filtered and supplied through pipes No money to buy filters Got a circular well in the river bed Connected it with tunnel dug under the river Water filtered & purified through sand Purified water was supplied through pipes

Sindhu River:

Sindhu River

Visveswaraya @ POONA:

Visveswaraya @ POONA Transfer to Poona from Surat in 1899 Water problem Upper regions of Musa canal got adequate & lower got insufficient water Conducted a conference Introduced Block system @ rotation of crops Govt. commission to increase cultivation He submitted a memorandum @ block system Cross-examined by commission for three days His plan was recommended

Visveswaraya @ promotion:

Visveswaraya @ promotion 1904- Sanitary engineer to Bombay 1907-in charge of three divisions as chief engineer Member of a committee to revise the scheme of studies Prepared schemes to provide water to Poona, Dharwar and Bijapur 1906- responsibility to solve water problem at Aden Recommended the digging of well & pump water to tank In recognition of his valuable services he was awarded the Kaiser- I - Hind

Chief engineer @ Hyderabad:

Chief engineer @ Hyderabad No promotion to the post of chief engineer Resigned and retired from Bombay govt. in 1908 Went to western countries and came back in April,1909. Became chief engineer on 15 April to Hyderabad state Projects to protect city Underground sewage for city & Bidarghat Sanitation for city Got the help of engineers who were known to him Moosi river survey @ 788 small tanks Proposed a dam across the moosi 82 miles above the city & another across Easi at six and half miles

Chief engineer @ Hyderabad:

Chief engineer @ Hyderabad Important proposal to raise the banks of river and sides into gardens Undertook it in 1913 Before the construction completed he became the Dewan of Mysore But continued his services to Hyderabad Hima-yatsagar & Osman sagar

Hima-yat sagar:

Hima-yat sagar

Osman Sagar:

Osman Sagar

Visveswaraya @ Dewan of Mysore:

Visveswaraya @ Dewan of Mysore Maharaja appointed him as Dewan of Mysore Had freedom Importance to education Primary education was made compulsory Special grants for education Maharani’s college development First hostel for women in Mysore in 1917. Special courses for farmers, courses for shopkeepers Agricultural school in Hebbal in 1913 Foundation of mechanical training institutions in all the district headquarters Public libraries in Mysore and Bangalore.

Visveswaraya @ Krishnaraja Sagara Dam:

Visveswaraya @ Krishnaraja Sagara Dam It is reminiscent of his ingenuity It is for irrigation & electricity to Kolar gold fields Cauvery river spate He wanted 2000 in addition to 10,000 The gold company agreement @ July 1915 Directed the work to be carried on Non-stop Washington lights Doctors at the work to treat workers @ malaria Camp of Inspector General of Police & The Deputy Commissioner Mysore assembly at 11am To 5 pm His presence redoubled the efforts Progress of the work @ every half an hour by phone Power was supplied

Brindavan Garden:

Brindavan Garden

Krishna raja sagara dam:

Krishna raja sagara dam

Kolar Gold Fields:

Kolar Gold Fields

Visveswaraya @ five year plans:

Visveswaraya @ five year plans Economic planning Five year plans in 1911@ first economic conference in Mysore Publication of Reconstructing India in 1920 His agricultural & horticultural shows Agricultural schools Rehabilitation of handloom industry Central govt. weaving factory to provide designs & techniques State bank of Mysore was founded in 1913

Visveswaraya @Mysore:

Visveswaraya @Mysore Sandalwood auction in Mysore before 1916 Export to France, Italy,& Germany Re-export of sandal oil to India Wanted to stop commercial exploitation Request for IIS to do research to extract oil Establishment of the Sandal Oil Factory in Mysore in 1916 Establishment of Soap factory Rice mills, oil mills, sugarcane crushing mills and power looms Gave the Clarion call, Industrialise or Perish



Visveswaraya @ Dewan of Mysore:

Visveswaraya @ Dewan of Mysore Equal opportunities for all Founded Century Club in Bangalore Founder of Deccan Club in Poona His advise to people on fate Strong opponent of superstitious beliefs Foundation of Civic& Social Progress Association Scholarships for backward communities Widow marriages encouraged & child marriages discouraged Separate schools for Muslims to learn Urdu Encouragement of social parties & common dining Increase of financial resources A system of efficiency Audit system

Visveswaraya @ Bridge across Ganges:

Visveswaraya @ Bridge across Ganges Nehru sought Visveswaraya help 90 years old Survey by a chartered plane, rail, steamer & motorcar Discussions with officers Preparation of format Recommended the site at Mokameh suitable for the purpose Constructed started in Sep. 1953 & completed in March. 1959 & opened on 1 May 1959

Bridge across Gangas:

Bridge across Gangas

Visveswaraya @ Eternal fame:

Visveswaraya @ Eternal fame Honoris Causa of Calcutta, Patna, Allahabad, Jadavpur, Bombay, Varanasi, Andhra and Mysore universities Bharatha Rathna from The President Of India Birth centenary of 15 October 1960 celebrated in India & abroad

Bharatha Rathna:

Bharatha Rathna

Visveswaraya @ 100:

Visveswaraya @ 100 Poor health Sight was good but hearing became weak Still interested in Economic Development Message to PM to make birth control compulsory as in Japan A grand old man & the giant among engineers passed away on 12 April, 1962 at the age of 102

Knight commander title:

Knight commander title

Visveswaraya Institute of Technology:

Visveswaraya Institute of Technology



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