Implementing Twitter

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Implementing Twitter:

Implementing Twitter

What is Twitter?:

What is Twitter? Online Social Networking Service E nables users to send and read short 140 character messages called "tweets". Quick easy access to show customers new information/products/services

How it Works:

How it Works Businesses and users can post at any time Post up to 140-character tweets All followers see instantly Can be used to inform, or sell, persuade Can immediately respond to customer issues/problems as posted

Statistics on Twitter:

Statistics on Twitter Over 500 MILLION USERS 300 Million Active users monthly Over 43% of users tweet from phone 2.1 Million twitter Search Engine inquiries everyday

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Benefits Quick Access to customers Grow your follower base Drive website clicks and conversions Drive app installs or engagements Find new leads on twitter.

Next Step:

Next Step Create your Twitter Business Account Follow within your community Inform what your business is about Promote Products Outreach to new customers

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