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JESUS Film teams need new equipment and more JESUS Film resources You will deliver equipment to these teams You will have first-hand experience of JESUS Film ministry Why go on a JESUS Film Ministry Trip?

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Equipment from the JESUS Film Harvest Partners’ office is loaded up. Destination: Costa Rica JESUS Film Ministry Trip #1

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The Columbus trip participants and the JESUS Film equipment wait to board the plane.

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They watch the equipment as it’s loaded onto the plane for the trip to Costa Rica.

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They carry the equipment through Costa Rican customs and it is loaded into the mission vehicle. Upon arrival they have an orientation meeting. Here a coordinator points out where they will be showing JESUS.

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The participants begin unloading the equipment and practice setting it up!

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The participants work together to set up the projector stand...

Slide 8: together the screen frame... …attach the screen surface...

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...and, mount the speakers. The screen is held in place with ropes and stakes.

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After three practice sessions, the participants were able to get all the equipment set in 22 minutes! Here, the guys learn how to use the VCR and audio amplifier.

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After learning how to use the JESUS Film equipment, the Columbus participants met with the Desemparados Church of the Nazarene to prepare for showings. The Columbus trip partnered with the Desemparados church in an effort to start a new mission in the area.

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Participants walked through the neighborhood inviting people to come to the showing.

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Before the JESUS Film showing, everybody ate dinner at Francisco’s. Francisco’s house is the location for the new mission.

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The equipment is set up and ready to show JESUS to the people of the Los Guidos neighborhood.

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Viewers are visibly moved by the story of JESUS. People make decisions for Christ. A mission leader shares her testimony.

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The participants pose under the screen after the showing. They are excited about the results of the ministry they have been a part of. 150 attended the showing. 35 made decisions for Christ.

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The Columbus participants made friends in Costa Rica and returned to Ohio having made a difference for eternity.

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If your church is interested in going on a JESUS Film Ministry Trip: Contact Alissa at JESUS Film Harvest Partners 15055 W 116th St. Olathe, KS 66062 (913) 663-5700

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