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Ottawa is the birthplace of Paul Anka, and where he met his 'Diana‘ Ottawa, Ontario - Diana, Lonely Boy, Your Having My Baby, Put your Head on My Shoulder, Puppy Love, , Put, Paul Anka has written over 900 songs, which have been performed over 150 million times from everyone from Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra. He was born in Ottawa to parents of Lebanese descent who owned a local restaurant. He developed a talent for songwriting through school courses in English and Journalism. He wrote 'Diana' for a woman three years older than himself, who he was infaturated with. He didn't get the girl, but the song launched his career at the age of 16. Anka's parents had immigrated to Ottawa from LeanYou might just catch the next Paul Anka - check out the wealth of Lebanese performing arts and Artists in Canada at Lebanorama, mid-November Diana 1 29 weeks 1957 I love you baby 97 1 week 1957 You are my destiny 7 17 weeks 1958 Crazy love 15 14 weeks 1958 Let the bells keep ringing 18 13 weeks 1958 Lonely boy 1 15 weeks 1959 Put your head on my shoulder 2 18 weeks 1959 It's time to cry 4 15 weeks 1959 Puppy love 2 14 weeks 1960 Adam and Eve 90 2 weeks 1960 My home town 8 13 weeks 1960 Something happened 41 9 weeks 1960 Hello young lovers 23 12 weeks 1960 Tonight my love, tonight 13 11 weeks 1961 Dance on little girl 10 10 weeks 1961 Cinderella 70 4 weeks 1961 Click for next Page with Music

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Adam And Eve All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings Cinderella Crazy Love Dance On Little Girl Diana Hello Young Lovers I Love You Baby It's Time To Cry Let The Bells Keep Ringing Lonely Boy My Hometown Puppy Love Put Your Head On My Shoulder Something Happened The Story Of My Love Tonight My Love Tonight You Are My Destiny To play click on

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