How to Build a Bigger Network on LinkedIn


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How to Build a Bigger Network on LinkedIn:

How to Build a Bigger Network on LinkedIn


Summary LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms which actually generate leads as compared to other social media channels. It is the only one platform that generated 80% leads and on this platform, we connect with real and genuine users. LinkedIn is the best platform to grow your business.


On LinkedIn, the two things you can do. First one is you can skip that connection whom you don't know and who are not related to your niche and industry. Second is you can accept every connection which is not related to your business. More engagement on your profile gives you more visibility. And it is possible that presently which connection is not related to you lately they can relate. But when you accept someone's request, then you should care about only accepting genuine profile, not the spammers. And for this, you should visit that profile to check that this is genuine or not.


Sharing content is the first task for every social platform. When we make a profile and build connections then we share the content. And if we share content regularly then it can help to generate connections. Content helps to increase connection. Post content about your services that relate your business and products. Content helps to drive traffic to your profile.


Mostly we make the connection to grow business and relations. When we meet new people then we can search that person on our profile and make the connection with him/her. Making the connection with a new person and then send a message happy to meet with you and nice to connect with you. That really helps to make your connection with people.


When you find new connections on LinkedIn that are related to your business, then join a group is the better option. You can find popular groups of your interest and join them. When you join the group than on the first day, you do not need to post your content. In the first week only comment other's posting but a thoughtful comment which has some meaning. And after some time, you should share informational content.


You can connect with your influencers. It has a benefit that their posts come in your home news feed. Post a useful and thoughtful comment on the post. When you comment on your influencer post then another person also see your comment. And it helps to increase your connection.


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