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We offer a variety of services to care for your pet. If you have any questions or would like to know more information on how we can care for your pet, please visit our center today or call us on 561-784-VETS (8387).


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Five Life-Lengthening Health Tips for Your Pet Presented by

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FEED A HIGH QUALITY DIET A good food can help strengthen your pet’s immune system keep joints and muscles healthy and much more. 1

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KEEP YOUR ANIMAL LEAN Obesity is the number one nutritional disease seen in pets currently and studies have shown that being overweight leads to heart disease and diabetes among other things. 2

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VISIT VETERINARIAN REGULARLY All pets require regular veterinary care. A routine examination by your vet can uncover health issues of which you are unaware. 3

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KEEP YOUR PET’S MOUTH CLEAN A common problem among dogs and cats dental disease and oral health issues including heart and kidney disease. 4

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DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PET TO ROAM UNSUPERVISED Allowing your dog or cat to wander free may seem like you’re doing your pet a favor. However sometimes it leads to danger likeautomobile accidents predation. 5

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