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The technology referred to here really transpires just social media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.


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Impact of social media on education. In todays world of associated learning the impact of social media on education is becoming a dynamic factor. The world is getting reduced and through the use of technology such as social media the way we bring instruction is varying. The technology referred to here really transpires just social media technologies such as Facebook Twitter and Snapchat. The technologies that allow these stages to function are also one of the powerful forces behind the effect of this technology on education. There are positive and opposing effects of social networking to students to students and the board is still out regarding the long-term effects of social media coverage may have. For example video presentation platforms such as Skype Google Hangouts or Web video conferencing have allowed instruction to be delivered across great distances. No longer is it necessary for a faculty member to be in the same room as the students. These technologies have given rise to the flipped classroom model and changed the way knowledge is conveyed to students. Faculty today must be more technically understanding than any age group previously as the students not only favor communication through these methods they expect it. The acceptance of social media in daily life is one of the driving forces behind these varying prospects and how social media is changing education.

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Positive impact of social media on Education • The world is smaller and thus students are more diverse in their thinking about their interactions. You may wonder if its too diverse with the many protests going on college campuses lately but it does show the students are thinking about more than the single viewpoint to what they were born. Of course you could argue that some students have taken their demands for inclusivism to the point where they are promoting divisiveness and biases towards other peoples viewpoints but that is a topic for another post. • The noise that is a negative listed above can also be a positive. Because there is so much noise on the net some students have become better at weeding out the unimportant stuff and absorbing what is important. This does show that in this connected world there is a place for librarians and instruction on how to effectively do research using search engines and evaluating resources for validity. • Students now have the ability to reach out to industry experts across disciplines and this can help the students locate more authoritative sources of information. This is a tricky endeavor and students must be taught how to evaluate the source of information even when it may come from a supposed expert. Negative impact of Social Media on Education • Students are not familiar as much to having face to face conversations. Body language is a huge part of communication between humans and when people primarily communicate through technology then body language clues can be missed or students do not learn to use body language as a queue for understanding the context of what the person is trying to convey. • Students do not develop the same accuracy in the written word. With the increase in text messages and social media tweets as communication students are used to not utilizing proper spelling and grammar when communicating. This makes it hard for others to understand the actual context of the discussion especially when they are talking with individuals who did not grow up using technology as the primary means of communicating. • Maintenance can also suffer as a result of social media and the technologies working to deliver content. There is a lot of noise on these platforms and therefore information is not retained as well as it may when you are ready a book. This is one of the primary drawbacks of using these technologies in education as its difficult to present the needed information in a manner that allows it to stand out from the noise. Use of video can be a good way to help combat this but the noise is still there. Read more:

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