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Asset maintenance LAND.:

Asset maintenance LAND . T. James Joseph

Make your choice.....?:

Make your choice.....? ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS Maintain/Enjoy your Success. ……………………… ? MAKE YOUR WILL.


IS YOUR LAND SAFE.....? 1. Un disputed Possession. 2. VALID DOCUMENT. Well defined boundaries. Free from Puramboke . TREES..? PARENTS…..?


KNOW THE LAND RECORDS REVENUE Survey Number….. B.24 Sy 234/7-2….Number of the land Thandaper Number---- B.24 , 5764 .Number of the land owner. REGISTRATION DOCUMENT Number…….1923/2018- SRO ktm LSG-Panchayath House number… XI/432


LAND RECORDS BTR THANDAPER REGISTER. Field Measurement Book( FMB ) Your land details should be reflected in the above 3 registers. Pokkuvaravu will make change in BTR and Thandaper Register. For making changes in the FMB application for subdivision should be given to Tahsildar ( LR ) in Form No 8 after ensuring Well defined boundaries for your Property…..


Thandaper .

Basic tax:

Basic tax .


KNOW TO MEASURE YOUR LAND One Are(100 sq.M )= 2.47 Cents One cent= 0.405 Are One Hectare = 2.47 Acres =40.5 sqm = 435.6 sq ft. One Are = 1076 sq ft One cent = 435.6 sq ft


KNOW TO MEASURE YOUR LAND Measure the length/breadth of the land by stepping. For a rectangular plot length wise 2 measurements 19 &21 breadth wise 2 measurements 14&16 Take the average of lengthwise measuremnts 19+21 =20 2 Take the average of lengthwise measuremnts 14+16 =15 2 Multiply the averages ie lengthX breadth= 20X15 = 300sq mts = 3 Ares = 3X2.47cents = 7.41 cents

12 point Check list for the Purchaser.:

12 point Check list for the Purchaser. Whether the seller has possession. DOCUMENT. Well defined Boundaries. Free from Disputes…. Support of Revenue records Liability …..? Regular Tax payer..? Prohibited category…? Disaster prone area..? Suitability for the purpose….? Value for money…? Accessibility. Your neighbors …..

Prohibited catagory.:

Prohibited catagory . 1. Data bank 2. BTR Nilam purayidam 3. Premature disposal of pattaya land. 4. Adivasi /SC ST land 5. Attached land 6. Puramboke . Micha Bhoomi ./plantation exempted. Land acquired for Govt purpose. EFL . High tension Line. Plotted property- layout approval of town planner.


.. Clarity is the key. Ensure that the survey number/area and Boundaries are correct. You can also include sketch of your land in the document ,,,, Ensure proper documentation of land records. Ensure regular remittance of tax.


Precautions….. SRO will not caught you…But the VO … Legal heirship certificate should be obtained in Pinthudarchavakasa cases. Brokerage ..? Arrears cleared..? Power of attorney..Adjudicated. Ensure air, sunlight and water. Boundary with road,cana,river ,( 3meter distance for building )rail( Noc from railway within 30 mts ) should be aware of minimum distance for construction. Waste disposal…


Precautions…... 9. Be aware of change in boundaries in the document and the site. 10. Ensure that the tile holder is the seller and he has not sold the land previously.\ 11. You cannot pledge the property if there is no accessibility. 12. Future increase in market value should be taken into account.. 13. AS per the order FEMA 21/2000- RB dated 03/05/2000 NRIs cannot acquire agricultural land in INDIA-But the can do this after return. 14. While purchasing a business man”s property ensure NO dues clearance from sale tax authorities…….


Precautions. . 14. NRIs may give the purchase money from their NRI account . They can avail the m selling price after remitting tax ( repariation ) Twice in the case of houses and unlimited in the case ofmcommercial properties.

Important points:

Important points Ask the seller to show the original….reply must be satisfactory. Bargaining Face to Face. Instead of Token advance give sufficient amount as security..Land, Document or both….. Paper advt may be given in some cases. In agreement violated cases appear before registrar in the due date and be a witness in some other documents. Broker fee only after transaction . Land should be measured and sketch should be included in the document.


CAPITAL GAIN. If you purchase the property for Rs 5 lakhs and sold it for Rs 25 Lakhs ..tax should be given for the profit 20 lakhs . There is special criteria and table with income tax dept to fix the rate. You can get exemption if you purchase another property within 2 years ao construct a house within 3 years utilising the profit. Exemption and 6% interest will get if you deposit the profit in capital gain Bonds such as NH authority of India , Rural electrification corporation of India etc.

Check list:

Check list Ask the seller to show the original….reply must be satisfactory. Bargaining Face to Face. Instead of Token advance give sufficient amount as security..Land, Document or both….. Paper advt may be given in some cases. In agreement violated cases appear before registrar in the due date and be a witness in some other documents. Broker fee only after transaction.

Check list:

Check list Be aware of Hidden charges…. Be aware of super area and carpet area. Ensure that builder has remitted taxes. Ensure that the house is free from encumbrances.

Easement Right.:

Easement Right. For and against rights should be checked. Positive easement rights and usage of private roads should be mentioned in the document. Senior citizen who excuted the dhana nischaya addharam after 2009 oct 30 should be made as a party ,. Adayavasikal should me mde as a party.

Permission to register document:

Permission to register document Minor- Court should appoint Guardian. Mental disability…..Court permission. Physically challenged Cerebral palsy/ otism …Dist. Level committee Scheduled tribe transaction after 1960….. Collector. EF Area transaction after 2000 june 2- govt land. LA …Before 4(1) notification. Heritage zone ….Restrictions kala paitruka commission CRZ - distance limit should be observed


Registration Signing …Execution Filing ……Ref Buyer should bear the Cost.


Agreement 1. It is not a deed. 2. There is no transaction. 3. Seller details-Buyer details- Land details- price-time limit-date of registration should be mentioned. 4. Agreement must be registered. 5. For a trasanction to the third party first agreement shouldbe cancelled. 6. Rs 200 stampaper and 2% of the advance amount as registration fee.

What seller should know…:

What seller should know… Cash transaction should be made through BANK. If the amount is received as CASH , Full amount is taxable. If the amount received as cash is is greater than Rs Two Lakhs , FINE amount equal to the cash received has to pay. PAN card for transaction above Rs 5 Lakhs . Transaction above 30 lakhs to be reported to income tax authorities by the registrar.


POKKUVARAVU No application necessary. You have the right to effect in the absence of document. If the resurvey area exceeds document area you have the right to get the tax remitted. You can remit Basic Tax online. After pokkuvarav ROR and possession certificate should be obtained and keep it with your document. After Pokkuvarvu ,make correction in panchayath / KSEB /Water authority records.


FMB Apply for subdivison in Form 8 and form 10 is For pointing out the Boundary of your Land .. Obtain a copy of FMB or sub division sketch and keep It with your document.


FMB When pattayam is received obtain a copy of pattaya mahazar And sketch and keep it with your document .


FMB After land acquisition a copy of the award and sketch Should be obtained and keep it with your

Indian Succession Act !925:

Indian Succession Act !925 After the death of husband , wife is eligible for 1/3 rd of the assets and remaining 2/3 rd will be divided equally among sons/daughters. If no sons and daughters wife is eligible for ½ of the shares and the remaining ½ is divided equally among parents/brothers/sisters.


WILL Need not be registered. Registered will is more safe. Sound mind / suomoto Can alter by the testator. Valid only after death of the testator. Validity is only for the FINAL WILL. Two witnesses

Thank You!!:

Thank You!! . T. JAMES JOSEPH MOB -9447464502 WEB- www.slideshare.net.in/mysandesham. Face Book -Kerala Laws on Land

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