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AMP has additional feature is that ranking factor will not affect the mobile pages.


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Introducing the ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES for a faster, open mobile web

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A Google-backed project intended as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices.

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The average load time for mobile sites is a shocking 19 seconds, says Google research – a veritable lifetime to a mobile user . Radware warns that each additional second’s delay reduces conversion rates by 7%.

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AMP, makes it easier for publishers, but also advertisers, to deliver more resource-intensive content such as video, image carousels and plug-ins by substantially reducing the amount of bandwidth needed to deliver such content. Purpose of AMP?

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How Does AMP Impact Your Search Ranking ? Google is giving prime real estate to AMP pages in mobile search results and is highlighting AMP-enabled pages throughout its search results . “Currently ” AMP does not impact the ranking of websites in mobile search .

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How to Use AMP: AMP, webmasters have a solution for speedy loading content served to searchers that doesn’t exclude Google’s advertisements.

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Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make really fast mobile pages. it's an HTML page designed to be super lightweight and critically designs really fast loading.

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