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Myqsoft provides global based software services company in India that focused on high quality business solution and support services.


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Software Testing Life Cycle Myqsoft gives you an independent testing solution with a guaranteed software quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team have years of experienced professional uses unique project methodologies and deliver a high-quality validation solutions irrespective of whether applications are designed and developed. We are offered testing solutions to Banking & Finance, Automotive, E-commerce, Retail, Real Estate, Telecom and many other industries . Testing is a method of execute a program or application with finding the software bugs or error. The process can started as verifying and validating that program or application and product. An independent tester find out more due to quality reason and different defects than a tester working within a programming team. A tester who is by professionally programmer. There are different of techniques and step for further testing solution that processed the development strategy contains.

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Requirement Review: The Requirement review is the first phase of software testing cycle used for the manual process as used to check requirements and review by person representative by client and the user.

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Test Planning : After the phase of requirement review we can start soon the test plan. In this phase the QA lead decided make the test plan as estimation, selection of test approach, test strategy documents etc. Test Case Development: After the completion of test plan tester write the test cases, test scripts for automation if required and complete all test data for further phase then go for next phase of software cycle. Test Environment Setup: In this phase we required the setup of hardware and software installation for test case. And after the completion of all installation setup build the test date is generated. Test Execution: Before starting of this phase test environment setup should be complete. To execution of test case the tester may find the bugs and reports against the bug. Then it will fixed by the developer. Test Cycle Closure : At last stage of test cycle the test execution should be completely for test cycle closure. In this phase the QA team discuss about all test cases and documentation of learning from project or analyzing the test.

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Types of Software Testing

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Unit Testing : Unit testing is a type of software testing that works for individual units of source code. The set of one or more computer program or smallest piece of testable software in the program is the goal of unit testing. Integration Testing: Integration testing is the method to used individual software components case and units of code verify interact with various software components and interface defects. The three of main integration testing is Bang-bang, Top-down and Bottom-up strategies are follows. System Testing : System testing is a type of black box testing technique that used to validate the system requirements. System testing is works perform on whole products or system and is preceded by user acceptance test. Acceptance Testing: Acceptance testing is the last stage of test action before develop the software. In the final stage of testing with user acceptance testing on a system. It’s the confirming of a product, service, process, practice and documents meets as a requirements.

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