The Reason Why an Employer Refuses Workers Compensation Benefits


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We have mentioned some of the main reasons of why employer usually refuses to compensate the workers benefits. To process your claim against injury you must hire a work injury lawyer if you're residing or working in PA.


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T HE R EASON W HY A N E MPLOYER R EFUSES W ORKERS C OMPENSATION B ENEFITS Nothing comes for free. Everything has a cost. If it’s free for you, it will be an expense for another. The same stands for worker’s compensation benefits. While most employers provide workers compensation benefits to their employees, they sometimes create a dispute. The one big reason for that is money. It is an expense for the employer.

High Insurance Premium Costs:

High Insurance Premium Costs As premium costs go high, so do the costs for employers. The insurance premium goes significantly high when there are more workers compensation claims than expected or forecasted. Also, in case there is an expensive claim such as a surgery for a certain worker that can make the insurance premium skyrocket high. Therefore, insurance companies and employers keep a constant check on the activities of the claimant and find ways to create dispute until solid proof is given. This is done to avoid paying high premiums.

Employer Prejudice :

Employer Prejudice Some employers, in order to keep away from paying hefty amounts in workers compensation claims try to deny the workers benefits. They presume that the worker is exaggerating or telling half truths about their condition. Employer prejudice is most common in cases where the claimant files for injuries that are hard to prove, such as internal injuries, extreme muscular pains, depression due to work environments, etc. They dispute the claim for financial benefits and to avoid paying hefty amounts in compensation.

Common Reasons an Employer Denies Claim:

Common Reasons an Employer Denies Claim In case your employer or insurance company creates a dispute in providing you your rightful workers compensation, it is important that you receive so in black and white. Here are some of the most common reasons for denial of a claim that employers give to workers: The injury you sustained was not serious/severe. The injury didn’t take place during work, or within the work environment . You don’t require medical treatment or consultation for this injury. You don’t need to take leave for this injury

How to Fight a Denial of Claim :

How to Fight a Denial of Claim The first thing to do after you find out that your claim has been denied is to write to the insurance company that your employer is associated with. In case you’re still denied the claim, it’s pivotal to hire a work injury lawyer who can assist you with filing a lawsuit. In such a case, it is important for employees to fight for the benefits they are entitled to by law. Also, it is important that the employee doesn’t feel guilty for filing a lawsuit against the employer for denying the benefits. The employer is legally entitled to receive time off work, medical and other benefits in case of a work injury. Therefore, a work injury lawyer in PA can help you get through to the entire process and reach a successful end to the claim to ensure you receive your rightful benefits.


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