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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You “Life is like a box of chocolates ” Forrest Gump famously said “you never know what you’re going to get. ” It’s that uncertainty that both excites us and frustrates us. We’d love life to be lled with happiness and peace yet so often it is lled with fear and uncertainty. Being inspired doesn’t come easy in those difcult moments. That’s when it can help to turn to the wisdom of others who have already been where we currently are. Their inspiring quotes about life can help to give us all a new perspective about what is going on. Here are a select few for your consideration.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 1. My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between I occupy myself as best as I can. – Cary Grant One of the biggest frustrations of life is to have our best laid plans get turned upside down. We can plan a day down to its nest details but not be able to complete them because of what happens during the day. By taking a minimalist approach we reduce our daily frustrations because we don’t feel like we’re out of control.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 2. The future is never guaranteed. The past is something that cannot be changed. What we do have is the present time this moment right now and that time is a gift. Use that gift and make every moment count because you never really know how many more moments you’ll have.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 3. In the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 90 years. Some people just go out and grab their opportunities as they come. Others are content to sit in their chair with their favorite beverage and wonder why sometimes they feel so alone. Seize the day no matter what may come your way and you’ll make a big impact on the world.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 4. Many friends and loved ones will have a direction they want your life to go. If your dreams go in a different direction you’re then faced with a choice. Do you follow your own dreams Or do you follow the advice given to you by the ones you love If you’re not chasing your own dreams then you’re not living your own life – and life is too short to do that.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 5. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown We can’t be afraid of failure. That fear holds us back from our full potential. You can conquer your fear but it requires a conscious choice to do so. Take a risk. See what happens. Failing is still better than never chasing your dreams at all.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 6. It is not the length of life but the depth. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Do something with this day. Go out and mow the lawn. Tip someone a little more than usual. Buy some canned goods and take it to your local food pantry. Volunteer. When you do something great for others with your time it feels like life has much more value to it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 7. Life isn’t about how many breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away. Think about the best memories you have. Those were incredible times right Time shifts our perspective and we often remember the best of times that always made us smile. Work to make more memories like that and life will have much more meaning to it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 8. If you don’t pay your dues and earn what you want then you’re not going to appreciate it as much. When things are given to us we don’t give them a tangible value. This includes life changes.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 9. This is your life and its ending one moment at a time. – Chuck Palahniuk Every second that ticks off the clock is one less second you have in this life. At some point life is going to end and you are going to be remembered by the choices and actions you took. Make the most of each second and you can make a positive impact on this world long after you’ve left it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 10. Change is going to happen. For the most part change is a good thing. It forces us to evaluate our habits to see if we can make improvements. You might not try to x a wheel that isn’t broken but there’s no harm in trying to make that wheel move faster.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 11. Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you’re riding through the ruts don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live – Bob Marley I have a friend who was once asked this question in an interview: “If you were a road sign what would you be” The fact is that you’re on a journey and you’re the road not a road sign. Take the roads that navigate away from hate focus on the road signs that encourage love and your journey through life will inspire others to do the same.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 12. Fear causes our personal space to shrink. This is because we don’t want to risk letting anyone or anything cause us harm. As our personal space shrinks so does life itself. The more courage you have in any given situation then the more you’ll be able to expand life expand your personal space and ultimately you’ll be able to do anything.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 13. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein Think about it. One day the universe God or whatever you personally believe decided at this moment you would be right here reading this content. A planet was formed with the right atmosphere and living conditions for you to be alive. You are a miracle. The world around you is a miracle. If you live life with that perspective it changes how you think about the world and the other people who live there with you.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 14. You are pretty awesome. It’s true. Others might try to tell you otherwise but that’s because they’re miserable and they want some company. You don’t have to give others permission to make you feel like you’re nothing. You are the best you this world has ever seen.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 15. It’s a lot easier to point out the mistakes others are making instead of looking for aws in the mirror’s reection. You can’t control the choices of others but you can control your own choices. Instead of trying to dictate how others are trying to live focus on what is going on in your life. Fix problems proactively.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 16. Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. – Soren Kierkegaard The news today is lled with a lot of negative information. We’re always trying to nd a way to create world peace pay our bills or stop family arguments. If we look at life as something that has perfect moments that can always be experienced instead of a problem that requires solving the negative information starts to fade away.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 17. Y ou only live once but if you do it right once is enough. – Mae West There’s nothing wrong with spirituality or religion. It’s what we do with those components of life that matters. Many people are living this life in anticipation of great rewards in their next life or the “afterlife” if you prefer. You’ve only got one shot at this current life. It’s here and it’s tangible. You can help people. You can do incredible things. Make this life be something that doesn’t require an afterlife to justify its existence.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 18. Each of us is our own worst critic. If you can convince yourself that you can do something you’ve already fought the worst part of the battle. Now you’ve just got to nish the job.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 19. Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. – William James Maybe you are what you eat. You’re also what you believe. If you believe that gloom and doom are headed your way it will become a self- fullling prophecy. Believe that life is something that has value. Believe that you can do incredible things. These can also become self-fullling prophecies.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 20. The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. – Audrey Hepburn Happiness is a choice. It’s that simple. You either choose to be happy or you choose to not be happy. If you can consistently choose happiness then you will nd that life becomes much easier to enjoy.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 21. Life isn’t about nding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw You might need to discover what your passions happen to be and it might take some time to develop the skills necessary to create the world you want but you can do it. Invest time into yourself and you will create something incredible.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 22. It’d be nice to have a life which involved playing video games daily watching TV nonstop and having takeout for every meal. Life would be pretty easy but eventually it would also become dull. Difcult times shape us into strong people who can achieve anything. If it feels like you’re in a valley right now it’s because you’re being prepared to climb up to the next summit to experience something beautiful.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 23. Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read. – Cassandra Clare Even in our worst times it is important to remember that this difcult circumstance is just one page out of many in the book being written about your life. Turn the page. You never know what might happen.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 24. Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect. – Margaret Mitchell This is what makes life so exciting. Because we never know what is going to happen we always have hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 25. You can’t move forward if you’re trying to keep yourself in two places at once. We must be willing to let ourselves explore new worlds without hesitation. If we keep looking back to the shore the wonders that are ahead of us are going to be missed. It is difcult to achieve anything when the past is the focus of each present moment

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 26. Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius Drama. We create drama because it gives us a way to dene ourselves. So often we only talk about how much we love people after they’ve passed from this life. Let’s change that. Tell people that you love them every day and see how that action denes you instead.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 27. Live each day as if your life had just begun. – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Our experiences beliefs and feelings lead us toward a personal bias about this world. That bias might involve people or cause us to be pessimistic about what life has to offer. Instead of dening your thinking by what has already happened let the past stay in the past. Each day is a new opportunity. Look at it through fresh eyes and your perspectives will shift.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 28. We’d all like to change the world to make it a better place in our own unique way. The fact is that when you feed someone who is hungry give someone a ride who needs one or tell someone you love them you’re still making the world a better place. Small things add up quickly to become great things.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 29. Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously. – Hunter S. Thompson We should take some things in life seriously. War is serious. Racism is serious. Hate is serious. These are things we should be working to eliminate in our lives to the best of our ability. Not everything is a personal attack on you. Love freely forgive often and life will be better immediately.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 30. Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow. You had a bad day. It happens. It’s going to happen again. The sun will rise and the sun will set and then there will be a new day. See what tomorrow has to offer. Tomorrow always offers a new opportunity to each of us but only if we’re willing to take it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 31. We can lose sight of our goals from time to time. When something is very difcult to achieve we might feel like giving up. By imagining what life can be when we’ve accomplished our nal goal we can regain our perspective and keep working hard to achieve the prize we want.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 32. Life is a dream for the wise a game for the fool a comedy for the rich a tragedy for the poor. – Sholom Aleichem Pay it forward. Life should never be a tragedy yet for the world’s poor it often is. Living paycheck to paycheck is difcult. Not having a paycheck at all and depending on others for your next meal is virtually impossible. Wisdom comes when we learn from our choices – including our mistakes. Learn something new every day and life will be more like a dream instead of a cheap laugh.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 33. It’s important to have an open mind. Exploring asking questions being curious – it’s part of the human condition. That light bulb above your head is waiting to light up with your next brilliant idea. Look at all sides of an issue change your thoughts if necessary and your ideas will shine brightly.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 34. You are the one who is in control. Outside circumstances will always have the chance to bring frustration and stress but you get to choose how to react. You can always choose happiness. You can choose forgiveness.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 35. We must make choices every day. We must have the courage to take a stand for the things we believe are important. That can be difcult to do sometimes when the choices are hard but it must be done. If you’re not willing to make those choices you’ll be run over by the people who have made their choice and are moving forward come what may.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 36. Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs and that is the risk of doing nothing. – Denis Waitley With greater risk comes the chance for a greater reward. Sometimes the reason why a life might feel like it has stalled is because risks are not being taken. And yes – some risks won’t pay off in the end. Yet if we take no risks at all then life will go nowhere. Nothing will be accomplished. Every day will offer a predictable outcome. There will be zero forward movement.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 37. originally a Confucius quote What if you knew for certain that you had 14 days left to live What would you attempt to do with those 14 days Far too often we treat life as an innite resource. We let many days slip by us like a ship passing in the night. A wasted day is something that can never be recovered.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You When we can see that each day is a beautiful gift we begin to make the most of our nite lives. 38. A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life. – Mandy Hale How you think about things really does matter. If you look for negative things then you will nd them. You will begin to seek out misery. You will eventually lose sight of what it means to be happy. The reverse is also true. If you approach every day with a positive attitude then you will nd more positive things. You will begin to seek out joy. You will eventually lose sight of what it means to be miserable every day.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 39. Some people like to say that “you are what you eat. ” In reality you are what you “think. ” When a stressful situation comes your way how do you approach nding a resolution Do you try to avoid that stress Do you confront it head-on

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You Maybe you put your head down work through the situation and don’t give stress a chance to latch onto you Whatever you think about that’s what you’ll be. 40. Go condently in the direction of your dreams Live the life you’ve imagined. – Henry David Thoreau Don’t let other people drag you down. Step forward with condence toward whatever your dream may be. Take control of your life and shape it into what you imagined it would be. You can’t reach the stars unless you’re willing to shoot for them in the rst place. It’s all up to you. Decide to live your life and you’ll nd that nothing can stand in your way on a permanent basis.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 41. Each day offers you something new to experience. There are new people to meet. New places to see. New foods to try. New towns to explore. This day will only be here once and then it will be gone forever. Make the most of it and you’ll nd that life is this beautiful amazing and complex experience that will take you to heights you never knew were possible.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 42. As you walk and eat and travel be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life. – Buddha The practice of mindfulness in its simplest denition is to nd perfection in all things. The avors of your food. The feel of soft sheets against your skin. The anticipation of seeing the ocean for the rst time. The warmth of the sun on your face. Sitting on the couch with a loved one watching a favorite movie. It is in these moments that we can discover what life is all about.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 43. Your life is ultimately a mirror. It reects not who you want to be but who you really are. If you see negativity all around you then that’s a reection of you. This also means that if you want to see more positive people in your life or you want more opportunities to do amazing things then change your perspective. Take a different attitude in your approach. The reection will catch up with you one day.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 44. Whenever you nd yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reect. – Mark Twain Mob mentality. When there are lots of people around it’s easy to have a personal opinion swayed because everyone else believes something specic. It’s also easy to believe that someone else will step up to do something or help someone when there is a group around you. This is why taking time to pause and reect on how you are feeling is always important – especially when everyone seems to agree with you. This way you can make sure that what you think and believe isn’t because that’s what the mob thinks and believes.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 45. We might nd more joy when we live each day to its fullest but life also has long- term plans for each of us. Sometimes the best parts of life are not the destination we have in mind but the journey we take to reach that destination.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 46. I cannot make my days longer so I strive to make them better. – Henry David Thoreau Ever wish there was more time in the day We all have at some point. Life has become very busy especially in the last decade. There is information everywhere. People are connected to one another like never before. Exciting opportunities may be lurking around every corner. Yet as we strive for the dream house the dream car and everything else we can earn in life it can be easy to miss what makes our days so great: our family our friends a random compliment from a stranger. Instead of trying to t more stuff into each day let’s try to make each day better for one another so we can all reach for our dreams together.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 47. Mistakes are going to happen. It’s part of the beauty that comes with being human. Learning from those mistakes helps us to stop them from repeating. Mistakes that are repeated are really choices that we’re making. It’s up to each of us to put an end to that cycle.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 48. It is up to each one of us to determine our own fate. We can choose to be strong. Far too often unfortunately we choose a different path because strength rarely comes easy. We look at our options choose the path of least resistance and then wonder why misery follows us on our journey through life. Choose strength.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 49. This is another way to express the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We must be proactive about life instead of being reactive. Instead of waiting for someone to do something to you be proactive about doing good for someone else. You never know who might see that action and decide to do something great because of your inspiration.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 50. In order for the light to shine so brightly the darkness must be present. – Francis Bacon When you are in complete darkness your eyes strive to nd the smallest light. Just the tiniest beacon of hope so you can know where you should go. In this darkness even the dimmest light becomes a bright beacon of hope. Without darkness we cannot see the brilliance of what light can bring. It is important to remember this perspective because we never know what kind of darkness another might be experiencing right now.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 51. Traditions are important. They help to dene who we are. Yet the ability to change shows intelligence because you can see the limitations of those traditions. Sometimes change happens because there is something fantastic about to happen. It can be difcult to go through change even scary at times but there is something better waiting at the end of this journey.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 52. Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are – Chinese Proverb There are plenty of things to worry about in today’s world. There are reports of terrorism seemingly everywhere. Friend turns on friend. Neighbor turns on neighbor. Love seems to be lacking. Tension is created and we believe this tension denes us on a personal level. This is not true. We are not this. We are better than this. We are a people who strive for togetherness. Where friends help friends. Neighbors greet neighbors. And love is offered in abundance. Don’t be swayed by the actions of a few. Look for the helpers. They are in greater numbers and surrounding you. When you spot them then you can breathe. Relax. And realize in that moment of relaxation that this is who you are.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 53. So often we get caught up in trends. We want a certain smartphone or the latest computer. We get gadgets knick-knacks do-dads and whatnots and collect plenty of things that seem like they have meaning. But what is it that truly has meaning in this life Family Friends Relationships When these are the things wanted then the other stuff seems much less important.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 54. Failure is just one more step toward success. Keep walking. There’s something amazing awaiting for you at the end of this journey as long as you keep the lessons learned from that failure at the top of your mind.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 55. It’s not selsh to love yourself take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority – Mandy Hale Serving others is a worthy goal in life. Changing the world one person at a time is what many people do every day. In order to change the world they must also work on taking care of themselves. Some might say that spending time for yourself is selsh but it only becomes selsh if you become your only focus. When the purpose of treating yourself right is to serve others in some way then you’re doing it right. Ignore the critics. Be true to yourself.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 56. We have moments of perfection which are constantly surrounding us. These moments might be a special hug an encouraging word or a bite of your favorite cheesecake – there are no limitations Pay attention watch for these moments and nd gratefulness when you recognize their arrival. These moments are gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 57. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma Gandhi Vengeance is a natural response. It might even feel justiable in moments of righteous anger. Yet the need for revenge is built off of emotion not logic. This is why forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. It is an action taken outside of the emotions being experienced. It takes strength to set aside anger especially righteous anger so that a meaningful outcome can be achieved. It is also an action meant for oneself and not for those who may have wronged you. Forgiveness is ultimately you choosing to let go of that anger so that your journey through life can resume.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 58. Tomorrow looms on the horizon. It might be lled with worry. Trouble. Heartache. It might also be lled with joy. Happiness. Adventure. We cannot know what the future will hold. We might have a good idea about it but there is no certainty. What we can be certain about is this moment. This one point in history that will never exactly repeat itself. Focus on this moment and this is where peace can be found.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 59. Have you ever tried to make your own happiness We often do this through the purchase of things we want. Money can purchase short-term happiness but it is an emotion that is eeting. We also try to do this through our relationships. We feel like if we’re around friends or family that we’ll be able to make our own happiness.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You The fact is that happiness isn’t something we can make. It is something that we choose. In every situation we can choose to nd happiness in some way. Don’t try to be happy. Choose it. 60. It is important to stand up for the things in which you believe. Whether it’s a spiritual belief or something that is personally important to you it is these things that make us the people we are.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You If we’re unwilling to stand up for these things we can be easily inuenced by those who are willing to stand up for something that is important to them. And what happens if that something goes against your own moral codes or expectations You might just nd that you begin to rewrite the very denition of who you are. 61. “Love your neighbor as yourself. ” This teaching is often used to show people that they need to love other people.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You Although there is truth to this perspective the last component of the sentence is often ignored. One must be able to love themselves in order to love other people. Without self- love there is no love to give. So make time for yourself each day. Treat yourself right. Do what you know is right for you. In doing so you’ll be able to start doing what is right for others. 62. Be gentle rst with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others  – Lama Y eshe Negative self-talk is very common. When you do something wrong do you call yourself “stupid” Or something worse How we treat ourselves is how we will treat others. If you call yourself “stupid” for a mistake there’s a good chance you’ll think this way of others. On the other hand if you encourage yourself to stand up dust off the dirt and try again you’ll be more likely to encourage others to do the same.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 63. Sometimes we just need to make a left turn when a path turns toxic. Toxicity can come in many forms. It might be a one-sided friendship. An abusive relationship. A job that provides zero satisfaction.  It can be difcult to turn away from these toxic roads because we are so used to them. Or we justify being on them.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You If we can say good-bye to them and turn away there will be a reward waiting for you. Even if that reward is only the removal of the toxicity in your life it is still worth the effort to make the left turn. 64. The best part about a journey often isn’t the actual destination we wish to achieve. It is the process of the journey we take to get to where we are going. This is why shortcuts are not useful. They only serve to shorten the discoveries we can make along the way.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 65. We have many lessons to learn in life. Sometimes those lessons are difcult to swallow. This doesn’t mean those lessons are unimportant. It just means they have a different avor. The sweet lessons of life are pleasing and fun and these are the moments we celebrate. The bitter lessons of life are equally important because even though they are not pleasing they still help us grow into stronger people.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You For this reason even the bitter lessons of life are often celebrated when looked back upon. 66. Every life experiences mountains and valleys. The summits are our best moments and the deep valley will be our worst. Along the way we experience moments of magic and moments of loss that are not as great as a tall summit but not as dark as a deep valley. These are the moments that average out the extremes so that our journey feels manageable especially at the times we feel are the worst.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 67. People can discuss their life lessons in great detail but it is difcult to understand their exact perspective unless we have encountered similar lessons. Until we see things with our own eyes we can still be surprised by what we encounter even with a great amount of preparation. So ask yourself 3 questions. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life Who taught you this lesson How did you learn it

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 68. Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child nothing is impossible. – Paulo Coelho Remember when everything seemed possible as a child We never lose that perspective. We just stop paying attention to it. When we embrace our inner child many of the doors that seem closed to us will be easier to open.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 69. The better you feel about yourself the less you feel the need to show off. – Robert Hand There are two basic ways we glean condence for ourselves: by our personal reactions or by the reactions that others give us. When we’re trying to dene who we are by how others feel and think then we’re forced to show off for them to gain their approval. There’s no need to show off when the only person you’re trying to impress is the reection in the mirror.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 70. Be gentle with yourself. Y ou are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here. – Max Hermann Negative self-talk can be incredibly destructive. ”Good job stupid. ” Berating yourself is not a coping skill. It’s a way to prove to yourself that you are inferior to the universe as a whole. You are not inferior. We all make mistakes. We all have the right to learn. You will always be as important as any other entity.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 71. There are difculties in the past that can be difcult to ignore. Mistakes that seem overwhelming. If we live in those memories then all we will experience in life is the heartache and guilt from that moment. This is why the present is so important. We do not forget our mistakes but by living fully in the present we can learn from them. This is what heals the past more than anything.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 72. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. – Ralph Waldo Emerson It is important to have someone that you look up to emulate while growing up. Sports stars movie stars politicians… everyone has their own hero. Some may call them “idols. ” At the end of the day however the only person you are destined to become is yourself. You’re not the next Tiger Woods Michael Phelps Dwayne Johnson Amy Adams – you’re the next you and that’s it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 73. Opinions are important because they are a reection of who we are. Yet more important than an opinion is the actions that your feet and hands are able to make. If someone is hungry they don’t need your opinion about why they’re hungry. They just need a sandwich. So give them a sandwich.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 74. If you feel like you don’t t in in this world it is because you are here to help create a new one. – Jocelyn Daher It never feels good to be on the outside looking in. Yet there is also strength in being the one who doesn’t feel like they t in. You see the world differently. This gives you an opportunity to change things for the better because you’re on your own on the outside. As you start looking for opportunities to change something incredible happens: you nd others trying to change the world too because they also don’t t in. Then together you and they can change everything.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 75. One day your life will ash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. – Gerard Way At the end of your life will you worry about the many deadlines you may have missed The countless hours of overtime to afford a luxury car Your career status The size of your home Of course not. During the last moments of life relationships are what become important. If that is true then we need to make relationships a priority today.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 76. It’s easy enough to tell others what they should be doing. It’s harder to roll up your sleeves and actually do some work. Just one moment of hard work is worth more than endless advice because you’re showing people instead of telling people how to accomplish something that is possible. If you feel like people aren’t listening to you maybe it’s because you haven’t been rolling up your sleeves enough.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 77. The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart the less capable you are of loving in the present. – Barbara De Angelis There are some reasons when anger makes sense in a relationship. Yet harboring that anger over a long period of time isn’t healthy. Anger will fester. It will harden your heart. This makes it harder to love those who are close to you. So if there is anger in your heart now for any reason it is important to choose forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to be close to them. It just means you’re willing to let that anger go.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 78. Every journey requires your very best. If you’re not willing to give something your all then its value is questionable at best. Whether it’s a new job a new relationship or you’re just cooking dinner for the family give that moment everything you’ve got. Putting in a 50 effort will give you 50 results at best.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 79. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. – Vince Lombardi Winning and losing is more about a mindset than it is talent or skill. Sure – it’s easier for those who are bigger stronger and smarter to win but anyone can win with the right state of mind. In every situation if you go in thinking that you can win then you’ve accomplished half of the battle. If you think that you’re going to lose then chances are that you’ll create a self- fullling prophecy. Maybe the odds are against you but that isn’t a guarantee that you’ll lose. So think that you’re a winner and you’ll have a better chance of winning in everything you do.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 80. When we judge other people we’re showing the world who we really are as a person. We’re reecting how we think and feel about ourselves. Even if there is a clear division of right and wrong being judged how we make that judgment is a reection of who we are. Simple condemnation is a way to build ourselves up at the expense of others. Offering a helping hand to correct a wrong – now that’s a way to show others that we love them even if we feel that they are making a mistake.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 81. A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. – John Lennon It is important to chase a dream. Maybe you’ll achieve it and maybe you will not. What is most important is that you actually gave it a good effort. Chasing dreams also becomes a lot easier when you share that dream with another person. Four hands are better than two. Two minds are better than one. That’s why together you can get things done when it comes to turning a dream into reality.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 82. We make time for the most important things we have in life. Rare is the ability to just t something into a schedule and then accomplish it on a regular basis. If you want more time for something then you must consciously make that time happen during your day. Empty a block of time in your schedule. Get up early in the morning or stay up a little later. Then turn that into a routine.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 83. Trains don’t always go through tunnels. Sometimes they run through miles of open countryside on a straight track. At other times there are switches that must be navigated so you can reach the tunnel in the rst place. Instead of focusing on the end of the journey try focusing on what is happening in the present. Navigate through your day and get the switches right. Otherwise you might nd yourself headed to the wrong tunnel.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 84. Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be condent. Be proud. – Shannon L. Alder Compassion is just the beginning of who we are at a core level. Your personality helps to dene who you are as well. You could try to be like everyone else but if you’re unique and memorable then you’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd. Be condent in being unique. Be proud of who you are. You are the best-ever you that the universe has ever seen.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 85. You are not here to do a good job. You are here to make a difference. – Frank Garcia This is about priorities. Yes – it’s actually important to do a good job. Would you want to drive a car that was built by people who didn’t care if they did a good  job Yet there is something more important than just working hard. You are here to make a positive difference in the world every day. By focusing on making a difference you’ll nd that it is a lot easier to do a good job.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 86. Life is about choices. You can either make your own choices or someone else will make those choices for you. Think of it like the difference of being employed or owning your own business. If you’re employed by employer you’re following the decisions of the company made for you. If you own your business you make your own choices. It’s your life. Be your own company.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 87. Y ou can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you. – Zig Ziglar If you’re angry all of the time it is difcult to coach someone else to not be angry. Unless you’re willing to look at what is going on inside of yourself and change what needs to be changed there you’re not in a place where you can change anything else. That’s because until you change yourself you have no credibility with the rest of the world. You have no experience. And then a funny thing happens when you start changing yourself. You discover that the world wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 88. We always think we have the time to do something. To help someone. Except when push comes to shove we never really have the time. We overestimate how much time we have because we underestimate our daily commitments. Then we do this over the course of a lifetime until we reach our last days and realize that we never really got to do the things we wanted to do. It’s never too late to change. Follow your dreams. Fix those relationships. Use the time that you have so you don’t have to rely on an uncertain tomorrow.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 89. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. The problem with being comfortable is that we never strive to be better there. We’re content to be who we are right now and where we are in life. It can be an incredibly beautiful place but you stop growing as a person while you are there. Finding a comfort zone is necessary sometimes to give yourself a break but have the courage to keep stepping out of that zone so you can keep evolving.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 90. So here’s the thing: when it comes to the majority of people they lead lives where they are constantly struggling in some way to survive. They live paycheck to paycheck. Or maybe they are constantly seeking answers through religion science or some other structural component of life. This pattern continues through their entire life because the answers offered never really fully satisfy. This is the quiet desperation – the need to nd a specic meaning for a specic life and most people die without nding it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You What denes you isn’t what you believe or how you may have been created. It is what you do to make a positive difference in the world today. People are remembered for the actions they took to help others more than their ability to work hard support a family and own a comfortable house. Stop trying to be someone else. Be who you are and use your talents to lift the spirits of others. Seek universal moments of happiness instead of worldly things. In doing so the song of quiet desperation that so many sing may nally be stopped.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 91. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. – Joseph Campbell Why try to be someone else when you are a unique and special addition to the universe Your talents and skills may not be as “popular” as others or may not make the largest impact on the world but even small moments of positive energy can make big changes. Be condent in who you are and you’ll nd that who you are will lead you toward many incredible places.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 92. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. –  Muhammad Ali “Impossible” is a concept that was designed to keep you down. It is designed to discourage you from being better tomorrow than you were today. It is an idea that tells you that you should give up. Except that you can look at “impossible” in a different way. You can show others that nothing is impossible if you are willing to look at a situation in a different way. Impossible is nothing when you stop allowing it to tear you down.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 93. It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self- discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives. – Marianne Williamson Life is never easy. There are times when we have to take a hard look at ourselves and make a decision when we arrive at a crossroads. Finding the right decision means searching through our choices our mistakes and our regrets so that we can proceed down the right path.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 94. There are many painful moments in life. Friends come and then friends go. Spouses may come and go. Bosses can re you. Challenges can test the very fabric of who you are. In the moment when these painful events happen the hurt can be almost overwhelming. Over the course of time when you can look back at these events with a different perspective you’ll nd that the painful moments where you thought you would break were actually moments that shaped you into the person you are today.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 95. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. – H. Jackson Brown Jr. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so give everything you’ve got today. If tomorrow doesn’t come then giving your best becomes your legacy. If tomorrow does come then you’ll have given yourself the opportunity to go even further because you’ve given your best.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 96. If you are unwilling to change evolve or adapt to the changes that life brings then it is impossible to plan for the future. You never know what doors might open for you in future days. You must be willing to think on your feet step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to go places that may quite frankly scare you. Comfort is not a valid plan because you’re not really living if that is your primary focus.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 97. Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. Scars are often seen as ugly but in reality scars are absolutely beautiful. They show that you are strong. That you can overcome. Sometimes we try to hide our scars because they may make us look different than others but be proud of your reection and all of your scars. If someone else doesn’t like them then they don’t understand your journey. They may judge you based on your appearance but those who have their own scars will see the true you.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 98. How we approach our day often dictates how our day will go. If we expect bad things to happen then we look for negative things around us so that the bad day can come our way. On the other hand if we expect good things to happen then we’ll begin to look for good things to come our way.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 99. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself. – Leo Tolstoy We often have priorities in reverse. Many believe that by changing the world they’ll be able to change themselves. The world actually changes when we are willing to change ourselves. So if there’s something that is bothering you about the world today look within yourself to see what you can do to change yourself so that you’re ready to begin the external transformation process.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 100. Life isn’t about what we can do for ourselves. It isn’t about wealth accumulation fame or any other form of success. If you want to experience real joy in life then use your talents to lift up other people. By serving others you make a real difference in the world. Even if it is something as simple as offering a meal to someone who is hungry moments of good tend to multiply.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 101. I will breathe. I will think of solutions I will not let my worry control me. I will not let my stress level break me. I will simply breathe. And it will be okay. Because I don’t quit. – Shayne McClendon Many of the worries we have today are not going to be something we remember 10 years from now 5 years from now or maybe even a week from now. Instead of letting that anxiety dominate your perspective try taking a moment to breathe. Look for solutions instead of worrying about outcomes. Then keep breathing. The sun will rise again tomorrow no matter what. So even if the stress seems overwhelming step back for a moment. Breathe. And then dig in and get back to work.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 102. There are very happy moments in life. There are also some very dark moments in life. As you walk through these dark valleys sometimes you can’t see the mountain peaks in the distance. If you keep moving however every footstep you take will bring you one step closer to the next summit. Keep going. Happy moments may have moved on but they will come back again.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 103. Your life is what your thoughts make it. – Marcus Aurelius What you think about is what becomes the denition of your life. So try to think about positive things. Take care of your relationships. Be willing to seek out new friendships. Offer a stranger a helping hand if needed. When your thoughts are focused on creating good then good happens.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 104. There are always times of chaos in life. Sometimes that chaos seems to be all around you. Instead of embracing it move toward the center of it. Even the strongest hurricane has a calm eye where peace can be found. So strive to nd that central peace. Otherwise it will always feel like you are caught within the storms of life.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 105. Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough. – Josh Billings Be willing to love yourself just as much as you love other people. It’s good to say “yes” at times but it is also healthy to say “no” a whole lot more. Give yourself the privilege of spending time with your intimate circles. Otherwise you may feel like you’re stretched too thin all of the time which often leads to stress.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 106. If someone isn’t treating you appropriately then don’t keep them in your life. Most people don’t actually change. The idea that you can change someone is false. Only you can change you. So if you’ve got the wrong people in your life right now be courageous and remove them. It will open up some space so the right people can come in and be supportive of you.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 107. All the mistakes I ever made in my life were when I wanted to say no and said yes. – Moss Hart Follow your gut. Have the courage to say “no. ” We often say “yes” because we don’t want to disappoint anyone. The only problem is that when we say “yes” when we’d rather say “no ” we’re not making our best interests a top priority. So listen to your gut. Learn to say “no” and life will begin to feel better over time.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 108. Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present. We can’t change the past. We don’t know what the future may bring. What we do have is this moment right now. Make the most of it. Seek out the perfection that exists within it. In doing so you’ll nd that it becomes a lot easier to choose happiness every day.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 109. Life is nite. Eventually we all will experience our last breath and whatever might happen after our physical bodies stop working. At that moment the biggest regrets tend to be the choices or actions that were not made. So don’t wait until it is too late. Do what you want to do right now to minimize those regrets in those last moments.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 110. What you choose to do is important. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. This life may have its peaks and valleys but it is our life to control. So do something incredible with it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 111. Every moment you live in the past is a moment you waste in the present. – Tony Robbins Mistakes are something that can help us learn. Sometimes mistakes bring along difcult emotions such as guilt or regret. Instead of getting lost in these emotions and constantly beating yourself up about a bad choice make the decision to move forward. Look for opportunities right now that are open to you. Use your experiences to do something incredible.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 112. When writing the story of your life don’t let anyone else hold the pen. You are in control of who you are. No one but you can decide what you will do who you will add to your intimate circles or what goals you’ll pursue. 113.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You You made a mistake. Get up. Dust yourself off. Try again. This is how success can be found.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 114. Doubt will always be present if you’re contemplating a choice that entails risk. Those doubts will go to war against your logic. They will do everything possible to persuade you that you shouldn’t make the choice you’re about to make. If you can win this war before moving forward then the future battles you’ll face on your journey toward success will be easier to win.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 115. People take different roads seeking fulllment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’re lost. – Dalai Lama It’s easy to think that our road is the best road to take in life. “Narrow is the gate that leads to life ” is an expression of many spiritual or religious practices. But what if each journey had its own gate on its own road. Instead of having one road what if there are many If this were the case then people could seek out fulllment and happiness in their own way. Instead of criticizing a different journey look for your narrow gate.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 116. Change is hard because it makes us uncomfortable. We might look back on past days and think of fantastic times. We must let these memories go. What happened yesterday can help us learn today but it must not dictate what we do today. Have faith that the future will work itself out for the better reach toward your goals and you’ll one day nd the success you want.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 117. Surround yourself with people who believe in you more than you do in yourself. – Gaby Natale There will always be days where you doubt yourself. Failures might have happened. You might have made a terrible mistake. You could have made a compromise on your values that you never thought possible. When you are surrounded by people who know who you are and believe in that person it is much easier to nd yourself once again.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 118. Let your life be shaped by decisions you made not by the ones you didn’t. Regret is going to happen one way or another. You could regret not making a decision. You could also regret the failure that comes from making a decision. At least in failure you have the opportunity to learn something. If you refuse to make a decision then you’ll be dealing with regret and uncertainty at the same time – and that’s a painful place to be.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 119. Always live and act as if your life was broadcast on television and your thoughts were shown in captions. – Christoph Buksnowitz Integrity is what will drive you toward success. You must be the same person whether you’re alone or you’re with a large group of people. If you live your life in an authentic manner as if you are always being watched then it is easier to take responsibility over who you are and what you do. There’s no room for blame. There’s only room for action.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 120. A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. – Annie Dillard If you feel like your days are all over the place then it is likely because there is not enough structure to your time. Implementing a schedule does require a small time investment but it will also help you to keep your thoughts organized. When you can prepare for what is about to happen instead of being surprised by it your mind is better prepared for the onslaught of stress. It is also easier to stay on-task instead because you know what needs to be done.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 121. Bad stuff can happen. People can be downright mean sometimes. You can sit back and wonder “How could anyone think this was a good choice to make” Forgiveness isn’t about giving someone who hurt you a free pass or saying that a situation is okay when it is not.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You Forgiveness is about giving yourself permission to keep going keep striving toward the nish line. You could carry a chip on your shoulder but that added weight will just slow you down. You deserve to win the race. 122. On any one day you can massively change the direction of your life. – Jim Rohn Our lives are a series of choices. We choose to stay married instead of getting divorced. We choose to remain a parent who is involved in a child’s life. We choose to work at the job we have. We choose to stay in school to earn that diploma or degree. This is why you can change the direction of your life dramatically in just one day. So if you’re unhappy make a different choice.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 123. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. When you’re about to draw your last breath let’s say you have the opportunity to surround yourself with one of three things: all of the money you made all of the possessions you’ve purchased or all of your family. Which one do you want to have A vast majority of people say “Family. ” Money and possessions don’t matter when we’re gone but the impact we can leave on others can continue on forever. If family is important then it must become important now. A paycheck is certainly important but don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones every day as well. That is where life really exists.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 124. It is easy to stay focused on the negative aspects of life. In that negativity we look to cope in ways that make us feel better. Many times that means eating a whole lot of food. Death by Chocolate ice cream does feel like a great coping skill… but laughter is better. Taking a walk around the block resets the stress you might be feeling.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You Loving through patience and kindness is better than any chip on the shoulder. Don’t wait for others to do this. Be the change you want to see in the world. 125. You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. – Jon Kabat- Zinn There are certain forces in life that just can’t be stopped. It is up to us to adapt to those forces so we can accomplish our own goals. Sometimes this might take a lot of effort. It might feel unfair to need to make that effort. Yet at the end of the day it’s better to surf your way to the beach instead of getting tossed underneath them struggling to nd your breath.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 126. Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. – Mandy Hale Do you hate your job Find a new one. Do you hate your apartment Find a new one. Do you hate the town where you live Find a new one. We often stay in places where we don’t belong because it’s “better to be around the devil you know then the one you do not. ” That’s nonsense. If you’re unhappy then look for ways to choose happiness. The journey might be lled with uncertainty but uncertainty is often better than despair.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 127. There are a lot of reasons to be worried in our modern world. Wars in word or deed seem to be happening everywhere. People are taking guns into movie theaters and night clubs to do unspeakable things. Trucks are being driven into crowded markets beaches and public gatherings. Our survival instinct sees these things and says “Let’s stay safe. We can watch TV at home. ”

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You Some days that might be important but it is more important for you to dictate the terms of your life. Have a grand adventure. See the world. Meet new people. You’ll nd that the good stuff humanity brings to the table is far greater and more inuential than the bad stuff we can do to one another. 128. It is not what happens that determines the major part of your future. What happens happens to us all. It is what you do about what happens that counts. – Jim Rohn We don’t have control over the outside world. We do have control over the choices that we make. It can be easy to blame others or circumstances or fate itself for our situation but that’s not really an action. Assigning blame makes life remain stationary.  Make a choice to respond to what happens in life. Do what you feel is right and then keep doing it. Let others cast blame. You can choose happiness.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 129. Every moment offers perfection in its own way. That perfection isn’t always easy to see especially if we’re focused on the darkest parts of life. There will be pain and sadness. Yet even in the deepest dark there may be one beautiful light that can be seen. So explore what life has to offer. Be willing to write the pages of life as you go instead of trying to create self-fullling prophecies. And remember to look up at the stars from time to time.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 130. Live for each moment. Embrace love and kindness instead of resentment and hate. Choose to have an adventure if an opportunity presents itself. Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Look for happiness and then chase it with all of your might. Dream big and then make plans to accomplish those dreams. We only have one life to live – make the most of it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 131. The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. – Confucius It is easy to look at a big project and think “I can’t do that. ” The entire task seems overwhelming. If you break down each task into specic steps and goals that are easier to achieve it becomes possible to do many things. You might not be able to move an entire mountain at once but you can certainly move a few stones at a time.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 132. Sometimes when you lose your way you nd yourself. – Mandy Hale We often allow decisions to be made for us. We allow our jobs to dictate the schedule of our lives. We let societal expectations dene our conduct. When we can lose these expectations and begin to explore what really lies behind the reection in the mirror it becomes possible to walk our own journey… One that is dictated by our own decisions.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 133. Forget about remembering what you chose to do on your deathbed. Think about where you’ll be just 5 years from now. You’ll look back at what has happened and remember all the things you chose to do. Those moments when you said “No” will either be lost to history or become a regret because you really wanted to say “Yes. ” It’s difcult to make a big change in your life.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You It is scary to not know what the future may hold. In 5 years however you’ll be a lot happier that you had the courage to say “Yes” . 134. Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should be. – Wayne Dyer There are many scary and violent images that come to us from today’s world. Sometimes it may seem that everyone is out to get you. It is important to remain focused on what you can control – your decisions. You cannot make choices for others but you can choose to live in peace. Process life as it is and nd its peaceful moments even when they may be difcult to nd and you’ll experience much less stress because you’re not trying to shape the entire world. You’re just shaping your world.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 135. There is nothing else than now. There is neither yesterday certainly nor is there any tomorrow. How old must you be before you know that – Ernest Hemingway Today has a perfect moment to explore. Right now offers something incredible. Instead of spending your energy worrying about the past or the future use that energy to explore what this moment can offer. You might be surprised at what you nd.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 136. Life is not lost by dying life is lost minute by minute day by dragging day in all the small uncaring ways. – Stephen Vincent Benet It’s easy to lose perspective on life when there are so many responsibilities and obligations we feel that must be met. We’ll wait in line get stuck in trafc or mindlessly pass the time in some other way. These are moments that cannot be returned to us. We must care about the moments that seem mundane or boring because they are a gift. Embrace your surroundings. Speak with the person ahead of you. Sing loudly while stuck in your car. Don’t let each day drag by. Experience each moment instead.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 137. We rush around today like never before. Appointments must be kept. Schedules must be made. Hurry hurry hurry. We pass the moments instead of embracing them. The next time you do get a moment to slow down make sure to experience the moment. Savor everything. The world will still be around when you’ve nished your tea.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 138. Do every act of your life as though it were the last act of your life. – Marcus Aurelius Ever notice how we remember the greatest moments of a person’s life when they depart from this world Every act of our lives should be based on one goal: to add something new to our personal list of accomplishments. The moments we are given can be living legacies to our family friends and communities. Don’t hold anything back.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 139. If you concentrate on nding whatever is good in every situation you will discover that your life will suddenly be lled with gratitude a feeling that nurtures the soul. – Rabbi Harold Kushner It can be difcult to nd good things in bad situations. If a bomb goes off where is the good in that Every situation has helpers. Find the helpers and you’ll discover the good of every moment. When you start looking you’ll see that many people seek to help without a second thought. The world can seem like a bad place when all you seek out is the negative energy it offers. Look for something else and you’ll experience an intense gratitude that will restore your faith.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 140. Negative energy is very attractive. It binds us together if we allow it to do so. Positive energy can also be attractive and bind us together. To avoid allowing someone’s misery to accompany you make the conscious choice to offer them your peace. Show them that being positive is a viable alternative to the darkness of negativity. We all seek out light when we see it. Be the light that everyone can see.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 141. Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. – Robert Brault We often dene life by our “big moments. ” Maybe you got a job or a promotion. Your family nally took that Disneyland vacation. Life however is dened by the small moments that lead up to the big ones. There is joy in spending time together saving money so an adventure can be had. There is a healthy pride in doing a hard day’s work to earn a job or promotion on a regular basis. Let these small moments dene you and the bigger moments will come along for the ride.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 142. It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot Dreams may come and go but only because we allow them to do so. It is never too late to go and do what you’ve always wanted to do. You can always choose to be what you wanted to be. The outcome may not be exactly what you envisioned… It would be difcult to become a 74-year-old professional footballer but you could become a coach. You could play in recreational leagues. There are alternatives which are always available to help us nd our dreams. We just need to nd them.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 143. Y ou will never change your life until you change something you do daily. – John C. Maxwell You must decide to make a change for it to happen. Change isn’t just going to come your way. Even if you win the lottery you must decide to make changes to your spending habits if you’re going to save your money. That’s why so many who win the lottery le for bankruptcy. If you’re tired of the way things are have the courage to do something different. One change often leads to more changes.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 144. He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche What is the reason why you do what you do Are you working hard so your family can live in a nice house Did you pursue a career because it is something you love When there is a goal that we want to achieve in life it becomes possible to bear almost any difculty which comes our way if we know we’ll get to our goals on the other side of that trial. Moments of difculty can either destroy a person or make that person stronger. Choose the latter.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 145. It can be easy to wonder why life seems to be treating you badly. If you feel alone don’t have a good job and struggle to nd any satisfaction in what you do then misfortune may be how you’re dening yourself. To overcome this feeling you must choose to overcome it. By accepting what has happened you are able to make a plan to counter the consequences which may arrive. Every journey begins with a rst step. Don’t blame others or yourself. Accept what has happened and take your rst step.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 146. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. Y ou need to be able to throw something back. – Maya Angelou A catcher in baseball sits behind home plate. They catch every pitch that makes it past a batter. It would be easier to catch those pitches while using two mitts but that would also mean your only job would be to receive. That’s only one part of life. If all you do in life is receive everything that someone brings to you then you’ve got no outlet for yourself. With two mitts you can’t throw the ball back. You’re stuck. To keep the game of life going take off one of the mitts if you’re wearing two. You’ll feel a lot better for it.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 147. When you arise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe to think to enjoy to love. – Marcus Aurelius It can be difcult to drag yourself out of bed some mornings. With only a couple hours of sleep or a lingering headache you might just want to crawl back into bed. Yet even on the most difcult of days there are still moments of gratefulness to nd. You woke up so you’re alive. Maybe the sun is shining. You might have a friend stopping by later. Your partner might be lying in bed next to you. Air still lls your lungs. These simple things are still precious even if they seem to be routine.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 148. We must dene ourselves based on who we think we are and who we want to be. Striving to be the denition of perfection for someone else will always create rejection because humanity by denition is imperfect. Live for your own acceptance. Some people may choose to join you on your journey and others may not. What is more important is that you live in peace with yourself.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 149. The future is always modiable by our actions. – Dr. Phil Zimbardo Tomorrow is not set in stone. You can change the direction of your life right now by making a single choice. We choose to keep our jobs. We choose to stay married. We choose to save for retirement or spend the money on a long vacation. No one has any more power over the future than you do. If you’re tired of the way things are then modify the future. Make a choice.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 150. If you can’t make a mistake you can’t make anything. – Marva Collins It never feels good to fail. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times with the lightbulb. A dozen publishers rejected the Harry Potter series from J.K. Rowling. Each moment of failure however was not seen as a failure. It was seen as a series of steps that eventually led to success. Mistakes often feel like failure but they just bring you one step closer to whatever success is lying in wait for you. If you’re unwilling to take those steps you won’t make it to the end of your journey.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 151. There are three types of companions. The rst will always try to tear you down because they want to feel better about themselves. The second is the person who ignores you wanting nothing to do with you until they need something and make a request of you. The third is the person who is supportive sees who you are and encourages you to be that person – even if you’re willing to make compromises.   It is the third companion that you want in your corner. Have the courage to leave the other two behind.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 152. To me if life boils down to one thing it’s movement. To live is to keep moving. – Jerry Seinfeld There are days when it feels like the world is passing you by. It’s like standing on an ocean beach watching the boat trafc sail by on the horizon. They’re moving but you are not. Yet there is one important fact that must be remembered: you had to move to get to the beach in the rst place. Life has moments where we feel stalled or left behind but they are just eeing moments if we are willing to keep moving. It may be hard but take the next step.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 153. What you learned in life late teach someone early so they can be ahead of the curve. – Russell Simmons Wisdom isn’t dened by age. Anyone who has experienced life has a certain wisdom they can share. These experiences provide us with knowledge that allows us to be better today than we were yesterday. Not every lesson is learned in our youth which is why mentorship is so critical to the success of humanity. As we grow older and keep learning the knowledge gained must be shared with the upcoming generations. This will allow them to avoid some of the mistakes we may have made in our quest to learn.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 154. Y ou want to change your life fast Then trade your expectation for appreciation you’ll have a whole new life. – Tony Robbins Here’s something to try: whenever someone does something for you say these four words: “Thank you. Much appreciated. ” Whether it’s a cashier giving you change a crossing guard who stops trafc so you can cross a street or a spouse who went out of their way to make dinner for you those four words change how you interact with the world. Telling people you appreciate them and having your words genuinely mean what you say will create a whole new life for you.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You 155. So many people dene their lives by one solitary component of it. It may be their family their career or their education – literally anything. These folks race through life attempting to be the very best at this one thing and they can often achieve it. The consequence of doing so means that they lose touch with the rest of their reality. People who focus solely on a career often lose their family.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You People who focus solely on their family can lose touch with their community. We must place a focus on every component of our lives and pace ourselves to appreciate each part of it. Only then will we be able to feel whole. 156. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve Jobs In a world that is becoming more polarized than ever we all have one thing in common: one day we will all die. That means there is nothing for any of us to lose. We only have a short time on our planet to make a positive difference.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You We have just one life to follow what we are passionate about. Don’t worry about others. Follow what your heart says to do and life will be happier and healthier. 157. We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. – Joseph Campbell Let’s say you’re planning a vacation. You plan the entire itinerary and schedule every activity. Then as you are driving to your destination you see something incredible that you’ll want to see. It’s not on your itinerary. What happens next depends on what you’re willing to do. If you’re willing to let go of what you’ve planned you will get to see this amazing sight.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You If not you’ll miss it but you’ll get to enjoy the rest of your vacation. How many amazing things are you willing to miss so you can keep your life on schedule 158. Music is one of the ties that binds us all together. It can inspire us. It can stir emotions. It may even help us to treasure the family or friends that we have. Your soul was made to sing.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You There will always be days that are difcult. You may want the world to leave you alone. Have the courage to let your soul sing anyway. Its melodies will restore your faith even on the darkest of days. 159. Ships don’t sink because of the water around them ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down. Negative energy surrounds us every day. You may hear it in gossip at work. Drama seems to be ever-present on social media. The news of the day may weigh on your heart.

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159 Best Quotes About Life That Should Inspire You This is the water that surrounds your ship of life. Don’t let this negative energy into your heart. It only takes a little water to sink a ship so it only takes a little negative energy to sink your soul. Find the moments of joy and peace that surround you instead and you’ll nd that it is much easier to stay aoat every day. Read next: Inspirational Quotes on Life Best Quotes on Success Quotes on Love Happiness Quotes About Dreams Hopes Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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