8 reasons to visit your gynecologist

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8 reasons to visit your gynecologist

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Are you having the notion that gynecologists are only consulted when a woman is pregnant No my friend it is not true women can always seek the assistance of a gynecologist for dealing with certain womanly issues. Well friends understand that gynecological problems are varied and are not just limited to pregnancy and postpartum health. Yes you can always choose to consult your home physician but they can only treat the problems symptomatically rather getting to the core of it. A complete cure requires correct treatment and diagnosis along with some tests to evaluate the health status completely. Below I have discussed few points when you can seek the assistance of a gynecologist. Menstrual irregularities Are you having an irregular period Or having a recurrent period returning in a span of 21 days or less Having an inter-menstrual bleeding Does your period last more than 7 days Is your period delayed every month Are you suffering from unnatural heavy flow Or is that you missed the date of the period

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Abnormalities in your menstrual cycle are alarming. Abnormal uterine bleeding in the adolescent reproductive stage or post menopause can be an indication to host of serious problems. The probable reason for these symptoms can be fibroids or ovarian cysts endometriosis pelvic infection or even can be polyps in the uterus. Abnormal vaginal discharge A slight vaginal discharge in women is common as it is a part of the body’s process to clean out the vagina and cervix. This vaginal discharge increases when you are ovulating breastfeeding or sexually aroused. However if you notice any abnormality in the color odor and quantity of vaginal discharge seek help from the specialists. Lumps in breast

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If you ever notice any lumps in your breast you should immediately consult your doctor as it can be the sign of breast cancer. This type of cancer is most common in women. Lower abdominal pain If you are experiencing any pelvic pain and discomfort it can be the indication of tumor fibroids or even ovarian cysts. So it is another reason that you should give an immediate visit to your doctor. A pre-pregnancy counseling Apart from the physiological problems there are many more reasons to consult a gynecologist. If you are planning for a baby you can approach the gynecologist to get the entire requisite test done also know the RH factor of you and your partner or simply know how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Take appointment with a gynecologist for a pre- pregnancy counseling in Kolkata.

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Knowing about vaccination Vaccinations are not only meant for babies but they are also meant for you. Consult your doctor about the pre-pregnancy vaccinations and the time to get them. Learn about family planning and contraception Even in this knowledgeable world people end up being pregnant soon after a baby or have to deal with unwanted pregnancy. Consulting with a gynecologist can help you avoid these unpleasant situations.

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