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The radio advertisements involve audio and stimulate the brain. The amazing voiceover and music to add to it can capture the complete attention of the potential users. This results in improved reach to the target listeners and increased conversions and greater profits. For more information click here:


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Power of Radio Ads to Help Businesses Create Market Niche There are numerous brands that are resorting to marketing via radio in order to reach out to potential customers. Radio has been the most popular mode of entertainment during the past decades and there has been a constant increase in the listeners recently. Some of the online radio advertising agencies in India help in effective branding. These ensure the business message is heard by wider audience both nationally and locally. Here we present the major strengths of radio advertising that makes it most preferable and cost effective tools for marketing.

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1. Efficient Targeting Is Offered By Radio The listeners are targeted efficiently through radio as different stations attract different audience. For instance Radio Mirchi attracts the elite class and Radio City is loved by the youth. This enables the advertisers or brands to talk selectively to their target groups they are most interested in. 2. Radio Reaches Audience at Key Touchpoints Most of the radio listeners are engaged in some or the other activity while listening to radio. Advertisers can reach listeners at key touchpoints during the day when they are on their way to work college driving hanging out with buddies and so on. The radio advertisements are knitted to the listeners’ day to day activities that make them more effective. 3. Radio Reaches Out In an Ad Avoidance World Radio advertisements have the lowest level of avoidance. People hardly switch stations and keen to listen to any message which is creative relevant and intriguing. This creates an opportunity for advertisers who want to reach out to new customers or to inform the existing ones regarding something they don’t know. 4. Radio Has Multiplier Effect on Other Media Radio can multiply the effect of cinema television outdoor and newspaper advertising. As radio is audio only medium so it stimulates a different part of the brain. Thus it helps to capture the complete attention of potential customers and results in improved way to reach to the target listeners. 5. Radio Creates Brand Image in Mind Radio generates urgency ubiquity and curiousness in the audience to know about a product they haven’t seen. As radio commercials are played frequently so they have picturesque effect in the listener’s minds. Radio ads also grab a significant portion of listeners’ time so a brand that is big on radio can create a favorable brand image in mind. 6. Radio Drives Direct Response Radio is a strong medium for call-to-action and can do wonders for advertisers in this digital era. The consumers when listen to commercials on radio can instantly access the brands online. Brand browsing i.e. directing to brand’s website or searching for specific brand in any search engine can be driven by creating a radio ad with strong call-to-action. 7. Radio Acts As a Friend People in general listen to radio for emotional reasons such as to drive away negative thoughts boost up their spirit and to entertain themselves while driving or doing daily chores. Listeners resort to radio as a friend and this is a valuable context for the advertisers. They use this intimate relationship between the medium and audience to seek attention by prospective customers.

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More and more people prefer listening to the radio during their leisure hours. By entertaining and being heard on radio you can get the positive business results instantly. As radio ads cultivate a personal relationship so the listeners feel that the message communicated via radio is on one to one basis. If you want to add anything to these points or want to share your experience please comment. Source: create-market-niche/

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