What is My IP Address and Its Types


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MyIPAddress.Host is free tools to find what is my IP address and what are its different types including IP version, country, region, city, hostname and many more http://blogs.top4webhosting.com/2018/03/13/ip-address-different-types/


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What is an IP Address & What are its Different Types


What is an IP Address If you are a computer user, you must be familiar with the term IP address. It consists of a unique set of numbers and is used to identify a device in any computer network where the Internet Protocol is used for communication. This IP address helps pinpoint your device among the millions of other devices on the web and forms the basis of all communication. http ://www.myipaddress.host/


Type of IP Address Static IP Address Dynamic IP Address http ://www.myipaddress.host/


As signified by its name, a static IP never changes although it can be altered as part of routine network administration. A static IP acts as your permanent address on the internet and offers a straightforward and trustworthy way to communicate. Using the static IP, you can procure a lot of information about a device. Static IP A ddress


Dynamic IP Address As their name indicates, dynamic IP addresses keep changing. They are temporary and are allocated to a device every time it connects to the web. Dynamic IPs trace their origin to a collection of IP addresses that are shared across many computers. If you want to find the dynamic IP assigned to your device, you can simply perform a Google search for the term ‘ what is my IP address ?’. And since this is a dynamic address, expect the search to throw up a different IP every time you log on to the internet.


Versions of IP Address This version of the Internet Protocol address was defined way back in 1981. It has remained more or less the same since then and could no longer keep up with increased demand for IP addresses. IP Version 4


This is the newest version of the Internet Protocol. With more and more people using the internet every passing day, IPv4 has started showing its limitations. Created by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IPv6 is envisioned to replace IPv4 IP Version 6


Advantages of IPv6 over IPv4 It offers better and more comprehensive connectivity. Has notably faster routing. Easier to administer. Better security for networks and applications. Better anycast and multicast abilities. More mobility features. Shares IPv4’s design principles, which makes transition smoother.


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