My Insurance Bazaar-Know All About Health Insurance Before Buying It,


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My Insurance Bazaar- My Insurance Bazaar-Know All About Health Insurance,The term health insurance means the type of Insurance that can help you cover medical expenses, Compare Your Health insurance Plans Online Before Buying it,


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A SALASAR INSURANCE BROKERS INITIATIVE apka khayal humara lakshya Health Insurance Handbook Take Control of your life


Did you know? What is Health Insurance? The term health insurance means the type of Insurance that can help you cover medical expenses What are forms of health insurance? The commonest of health insurance cover the expenses of hospitalization through various forms of insurance depending on the needs and choice of the insured What is a cashless facility? Health insurance companies have tie up with several hospitals across the country where the policy holders can access medical treatment without paying anything out of his/her pocket What is pre existing health conditions? If a policy holder has a existing medical condition while buying a policy are generally not covered under in the newly bought plan What is a waiting period? Period for which a policy holder need to wait before it get covered under a policy like maternity medical benefits


Questions you should ask before buying health insurance 1 Does the company have a decent claim settlement history ? 2 Are you entitled to cashless facility across the country? 3 Are you adequately protected against multiple scenarios? 4 Are there sufficient hospital partners in your locality ? 5 Does your plan let you travel the world without worry of Hospitalization ? 6 Do I have to pay money from my own pocket for medicines? 7 How long is their waiting period? 8 Do I get income tax benefits from my policy? 9 How easy is it for me to contact company representative? 10 Can I add more protective covers? 11 Am I entitled to a loyalty Bonus? 12 How often should I renew The policy? 13 How often should I get a medical checkup done?


Compare and then buy online For Further details regarding plans and claims CALL TOLL FREE ON 180-01028-550

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