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Algorithm Homework Help ALGORITHM: An algorithm is a set of sequence of actions to be performed. The algorithm includes calculation data processing and automated reasoning tasks. In simple words an algorithm is algorithm is a set of directions designed to perform a particular task. Specially in a programming language there are various ways to accomplish a task. Therefore programmers design the most useful algorithm that increases the speed for running a program. Hence we can say that algorithm is a sequence of instructions to obtain a desired output from the legitimate input in a given period of time.

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TIPS FOR ALGORITHM HOMEWORK: 1. DIVIDE AND MERGE- These divide the single problem into sub-problems. These sub problems ate then solved and solutions are joined to get a solution to an original problem. This technique covers every section and gives the real solution. 2. BACKTRACKING ALGORITHM- In this technique best possible step is selected from the various solutions. If the problem is solved using that step then the solution is printed or else the new step will be taken. 3. GREEDY ALGORITHM- It works well with the optimization problem. It solves the problem sing the present condition it doesnt consider the future situation in solving the problem. 4. RANDOMIZED ALGORITHM- Using random numbers to make an accurate decision is known as the randomized algorithm. It gives the approximate solution to the problems.

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