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Do Fat Burners Work Fat burners are marketed like "magic pills" that help you to burn fat without your having to do exercise or eat right. Their manufacturers claim they work wonders and that all you have to do is take the pills to see results. Even if you never walk into a gym or touch a plate of greens youre going to lose weight Sounds a bit suspicious right These fat burners are dangerously close to "scam" products — in fact many of them are scams. The lack of supplement regulation by the FDA means anyone can produce and sell a "fat burning supplement" with minimal oversight. However Lets Be Clear: there ARE fat burners that work. Theyre not "magic pills" that will burn fat while you sleep or eat but they can enhance your current fat-burning efforts. Fat Burners 101 Fat burners are supplements intended to activate lipolysis fat burning mechanism in your body and turn the fat cells in your bloodstream and adipose tissue into energy. They may increase your metabolism curb your appetite raise your internal body temperature

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thermogenesis or prevent your body from absorbing carbs forcing it to burn fat for energy. There are many mechanisms by which these fat burners work. Some of the most common ingredients in fat burners include: • Green tea extract which has been proven effective at speeding up your metabolism and targeting belly fat. • Conjugated Linoleic Acid a form of polyunsaturated fat that can encourage fat loss. • Black and Red Pepper which contain antioxidants piperine and capsaicin that speed up your metabolism and increase thermogenesis. • Green coffee bean extract which has been proven useful for its appetite-suppressing and metabolism-boosting effects. • Caffeine which stimulates your metabolism increases adrenaline and gives you more energy for your workout. Most fat burning products contain some sort of stimulant like caffeine or green tea extract along with other nutrients that encourage the activation of fat cells for burning. But therein lies the problem: the fat is activated but what happens to it If you dont burn it its going nowhere.

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And thats the key to using fat burners effectively If you want to see results you need to pair your fat burner with a killer workout. Fat burners are intended to activate stored fat and increase metabolism thereby providing you with more energy. You need to use that energy in your workout encouraging your body to burn that activated fat instead of letting it keep floating around your bloodstream. The real effects of the fat burners will only come into play if you follow them up with a workout resistance training HIIT training sprint training etc. that will burn calories effectively For more information please visit our website Follow Us

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