Currency Trading Tips 3 Easy Ways to Become a Full Time Trader


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Currency Trading Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Become a Full Time Trader :

Currency Trading Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Become a Full Time Trader By: Jay Molina From:

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In this article I want to discuss 3 currency trading tips that can help anyone who wants to trade the Forex market for a living. It is not always easy to make the transition from a part time or sporadic Forex trader to a full time Forex trader. Your life will change in many ways and the transition is as important as the way you will trade the markets. In this occasion I will be teaching how I made the transition from working a 9-5 job to trading the markets for a living. Define when you will trade the Forex: One of the biggest freedoms that you can enjoy as an FX trader is the option to choose when and where you want to trade. The first thing you want to define is which market sessions you want to trade and at what times. Even though, you make your own schedule you want to have a plan to carry yourself as a full-time trader.

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Get the tools and equipment you will need: In my case I needed new monitors and a new computer. I also wanted to sign up with a broker that will allow me to manage several trading accounts from one single account . (I provide my traders with Forex managed accounts, click here to contact me and learn more). In addition, you need to consider that trading FX is now your career and to succeed and not “get fired” you need to take it seriously and be professional. Get ready to get a lot of questions: When your friends and family see that you are always home, taking trips, or going to the beach on a Wednesday morning they will start to wonder and ask you what you do. Almost every person I meet gets curious and asks me what I do. Sometimes it is hard to explain that I am a Forex trader but it allows me to meet a lot of interesting people.

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Organize your finances and sync them with your trading: This one was very challenging at the beginning. As you probably know the amount of money you make with trading is not consistent every month. This was a very big challenge, because my bills were very consistent. After creating a summary of all my expenses and my expected profits from trading I was able to organize my finances and make it work for me. Don’t stop learning because you took your trading to the next level: The best traders across the world never stop to learn. They are hungry for knowledge and new trading techniques. If you walk into my office you will find tons of courses, trading books, trading manuals, programming manuals, programming books, and several other educational resources. Knowledge is power and the only way to make more money and become a better trader is by studying new ways to trade the markets.

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I will be posting more currency trading tips on how to become a more effective trader and adapt yourself and your life to Forex trading. Important: If you not a full time trader yet or are not interested in becoming one but you want to make a consistent amount of money from the Forex, download a copy of my FREE Forex trading plan below and organize your trading right now. Best regards, Jay Molina Pro Forex Trader & Educator

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