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FreshSkin Medical Spa & Wellness Center is dedicated to the true health and wellness of the skin and body. We also provide to the public physician-grade skincare, high-quality supplements, weight loss programs, and wellness education.


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Acne Treatment | Vaginal Tightening Med Spa Wellness Center Chicago Illinois Beauty begins with Beautiful Skin and Beautiful Skin begins with a Healthy Body.

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Dr. Josie L. Tenore I have opened the practice in 2011 with a focus on aesthetic medicine. Her lifelong passion for wellness and curiosity in seeking answers for her patients’ health concerns brought to fruition the idea of bringing to the North Shore the best of advanced solutions in anti-aging cosmetic services coupled with wellness services and products for both men and women. I am also changing women’s lives by providing  a non-surgical solution for improving women’s intimate health functions with Viveve a radio-frequency treatment.  She offers her patients discreet  consultations  to discuss common concerns related to post-pregnancy hormones and the natural aging process. B.

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About Us FreshSkin Medical Spa Wellness Center is dedicated to the true health and wellness of the skin and body. Located in Highland Park Illinois. FreshSkin also provides to the public physician-grade skincare high- quality supplements weight loss programs and  wellness education.  Our goal is to help you look feel and function at your personal best so you can truly enjoy life. Our advanced diagnostic tools scientifically- proven non-surgical cosmetic treatments wellness services products and experienced providers are unmatched.  We invite you to not only experience the difference at FreshSkin Medical Spa Wellness Center but to live it.

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Acne Treatment We offer a wide variety of effective chemical peels customized to treat your specific skin condition and skin type. In each case the ideal formulation is applied and absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin where it acts upon abnormal pigment blood vessels or sebaceous glands. The result is uniform and enhanced absorption less surface trauma faster surface recovery and enhanced collagen stimulation.

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Vaginal Tightening We provide one among the leading treatments for Vaginal Tightening Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment in Highland Park Chicago Illinois. Vaginal rejuvenation may be a safe and effective laser treatment that works to enhance a womans sexual satisfaction and quality of life. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment is non-surgical. This suggests theres no cutting scarring or risk of infection. Request your Vaginal Tightening appointment today.

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HRT Treatment If youre trying to seek out a natural hormones treatment spa Chicago Illinois. We provide advanced Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and ladies. We take an in-depth health history and review a comprehensive set of blood hormone levels. We design a hormone and supplement program which will assist you to maintain healthiness and vitality.

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Cellulite Treatment Cellulite treatment is normal. Over 80 of women above age 20 have it. FreshSkin Spa provides the best Cellulite treatment Procedure in Highland Park Chicago Illinois and lets you enjoy cellulite treatment without surgery. Our technology of your choice is the Venus Legacy. Cellulite treatment reduces or eliminates excess fat in specific areas.

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Juvederm Treatment Juvederm is one such treatment to combat the signs of aging. Juvederm can last up to 1 year and is FDA-approved cosmetic treatment and you can get it done from any reliable Juvederm Wellness Center in Chicago Illinois. The process is quick and requires no downtime tiny pricks are done using small injections or dermal fillers. Instant results make it worth time and attention for people seeking immediate skin treatment.

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