Fight Depression With Your Favorite Emotional Support Dog

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PREPARED BY: MY ESA DOCTOR Fight Depression With Your Favorite Emotional Support Dog JUNE 2019

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Heard about an emotional support dog Let me tell you a story A young lady with the ability to make the world laugh enters a comedy competition. To her dismay she realizes that the competition is not a piece of cake. The very thought makes her feel empty for no apparent reason. She decides to quit the competition even before trying. Some may not know why she decided to give up on her dreams. But Sarah a-27-year-old struggling to control the whirlwind of emotions knew exactly what happened that day. She is battling with depression from the past five years. Her family support was not sufficient for her which is why her friend advised her to take emotional support through animals. If you look at Sarah today she is not drowning herself in the pool of tears. She is trying to fulfill her dreams and we can often see her using a pun on social issues. Sarah has a Golden Retriever that helps her get through bad days. She said that “Whenever a sad feeling creeps into my mind my dog cuddles and waddles all over me to make me feel happy.” So now she takes him everywhere and snuggles with him before entering the stage. If you are suffering from depression why not choose a dog that helps you in every possible way. Here is a list of dogs that will make you feel less empty on the inside: Pugs A glimpse of big-doodle-eyes can easily make your heart melt. They are extremely friendly and supportive in nature. Unlike any other emotional support dog Pugs are not protective of their owner. They like to mix and match with the people around them. This is why you can easily get along with them and they will make you feel special and loved in a short span of time. Although you will find them creating mischief now and then. But the wrinkly face with added human-like features will make your heart smile. This human-like breed will allow lots of touching hence you will find it easier to be around them. WWW.MYESADOCTOR.COM

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Golden Retriever Just like any mother is proud of her obedient and well- mannered child. Similar is the case with people owning this breed. They can easily bond with their owners. Making them the most suitable choice for anyone suffering from depression. Loyalty is an excellent trait of Golden Retrievers. They will prove loyal to your needs and requirements. In addition to this they possess the ability to grasp and learn things quickly. As a consequence they are hard working and skilled in nature. This way besides giving the company they can easily fit into your day-to-day schedule. Mental illness can be tough. If you have a people-oriented emotional support dog constantly supporting you the journey only gets better. Yorkie The size and shape of a Yorkie will instantly fixate you. If one glance is enough to make an instant connection. Imagine having Yorkie as your emotional support dog. They are perfect lap dogs carried around without much fuss. So you can easily carry them around in your pet bag. Without worrying to fear about not having constant emotional support. The most noticeable fact about this dog is that they hold a natural capacity to attract their owners. The very first attractive feature is their fur. You will have an instant urge to hold and pet them all the time. Subsequently allowing you to indulge in affectionate affairs. The factor that vitally improves the mental stability of a depressed individual. WWW.MYESADOCTOR.COM

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Times that make you a slave of negative emotions are best forgotten with the help of Cavalier. How This is the only breed that does not like being left alone. So imagine a Cavalier following you around like your shadow. Hence giving you all the attention you need. Altogether this breed is small-sized gentle king-like and playful in nature. In short will help you overcome fear and anxiety at the same time. To summarize we can say that a Cavalier will set aside its grand and graceful personality to play with you in your backyard. Make you feel at home when around. Instill a sense of love with their cute expressions and most vitally they will never leave your side. C oll ie A Collie can be easily trained to support your emotional health. But the most striking aspect of this particular breed is to recognize human emotions. How do they do that Well they are intuitive. This means they will be your ray of hope in times of hopelessness. The only factor that separates them from the rest is that they are herding dogs. A dog that protects its herd from danger. Similarly they will protect you from emotional instabilities. Devoted and loyal like others a collie will help you overcome depression. Generally an emotional support dog is very loyal and acts as a caregiver. The above- mentioned list introduces you to the dogs that can be easily trained to provide emotional support. Hope this write-up helps you find the best emotional support dog. We recommend that you go through the list once and choose accordingly. If you wish to see whether or not you qualify for an ESA letter. Pre-qualify with us and take the letter home. WWW.MYESADOCTOR.COM

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My ESA Doctor Manage Mental Condition with an Emotional Support Animal Letter Address Opening Hours Phone No 2001 East 1st St Ste 102 Santa Ana CA 92705 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST 1-877-216-3688 WWW.MYESADOCTOR.COM

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