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ICT4D (ICT for Development):

ICT4D (ICT for Development) It is the use of information and communications technology in the field od international development, socioeconomic development, and human rights. The idea behind this is using ICT for the welfare of less fortunate individuals, enabling the development of society.


ICT4D CUBE It describe the fusion of different aspects of the society and their interaction with the ICT products. *Read the ICT4D CUBE pdf file for more info.

The Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History:

The  Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History People Power 1 (EDSA 1) February 25, 1986 marked a significant national event that has been engraved in the hearts and minds of every Filipino. Radyo Veritas aired the message of Cardinal Sin that summoned thousands of Filipinos to march the street of EDSA. It was an empowering demonstration that aimed to succeed peacefully with the intervention of faith. Nuns kneeled in front of tanks with rosaries in their hands and uttering their prayers.

The Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History:

People Power II (EDSA 2) January 17, 2001 All 11 prosecutors in the Estrada impeachment trial resigned, following an 11-10 vote by the Senate the previous day to block a key piece of evidence. January 18, 2001 The crowd continues to grow, bolstered by students from private schools and left-wing organizations. January 19, 2001 The Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines withdraw their support for Estrada, joining the crowds at the EDSA Shrine. At 5:00pm, Estrada appears on television for the first time since the beginning of the protests and maintains that he will not resign. He says he wants the impeachment trial to continue, stressing that only a guilty verdict will remove him from office. At 6:15pm, Estrada again appears on television, calling for a snap presidential election to be held concurrently with congressional and local elections on May 14, 2001. January 20, 2001 At noon, Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo takes her oath of office in the presence of the crowd at EDSA, becoming the 14th president of the Philippines. At 2:00 pm, Estrada releases a letter saying he had "strong and serious doubts about the legality and constitutionality of her proclamation as president", but saying he would give up his office to avoid being an obstacle to healing the nation. The  Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History

The Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History:

Million People March This was the first time that the Filipinos protested not against an individual but against a system. The protest was against the pork barrel fund. The gathering was planned weeks before and calls for participation flooded social media, specifically on Facebook and twitter. The  Effects of Multimedia to our Recent History

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