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Did you know that gardening has amazing benefits for children? Gardening offers wonderful and amazing opportunities for children to play, learn and grow!. Organic Garden Set-up contact in Bangalore,one stop shop for setting up new Organic Terrace Gardening – Bangalore, Balcony vegetable gardening in Bangalore vegetable gardening in Bangalore,greenhouse fabricators Bangalore ,garden maintenance and other gardening services in Bangalore. For more visit :


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slide 2: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow Did you know that gardening has amazing benefits for children Gardening offers wonderful and amazing opportunities for children to play learn and grow Have you ever wondered whether gardening was worth the time and effort for you and your child Gardening offers so many fun and interesting opportunities for children and teaches them invaluable lessons which build a bonding. The plantation makes the children build up their immune system enhances the physical and mental development of the child.

slide 3: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow ❖ GARDENING PROVIDES PRACTICAL EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN Gardening helps children in learning several topics such as seasons weather life cycles and animals. These are topics that children learn from kindergarten through their school lives. Fun activities for your child in gardening by learning the various shapes structure and colour of the plant also help towards developing skills.

slide 4: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow ❖ GARDENING PROVIDES SOCIAL EXPOSURE TO CHILDREN As a gardener or a parent you understand the importance of gardening. It is also a creative art form in which you design the garden according to the space availability and according to the plants which needs to be planted for different seasons. Involving kids helps increase their planning and problem solving skills. It also enhances their organizational strategies which can be carried over to every aspect of life Gardening presents wonderful opportunities for children to bond with nature and nurture their plants. It also provides the time and space for children to bond and connect with their parents grandparents and peers.

slide 5: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow ❖ RELEASING CHILDREN FROM VIRTUAL LIFE AND INTRODUCING TO THE REAL WORLD Does your child drag the idea of going outside because there is “nothing much to do” Planting a garden is a great way to engage your child outdoors every day and release from them gadgets. Being outdoors is great for children. As well as the fact that kids love the outdoors the fresh air works wonders for them and outdoor activities keep them active reduce stress and get smarter Being outside and involved in activities in gardening with fresh air and gentle sunlight is an amazing experience for children. Gardening can also have a great outcome on various skills and the promotion of a healthy body for children.

slide 6: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow ❖ CHILDREN BENEFIT HEALTHY EATING BY GARDENING It’s a real task to get children to eat healthy foods and get better health. Growing vegetables not only teaches them the hard work that it takes to grow them but they get a sense of achievement when they eat food they have grown themselves. It’s good to teach children basics of harvesting to cooking of food which helps towards encouraging healthier lifestyles. Eating healthy food is important for brain and body development but it is hard to get children to eat those fruits and veggies. By having them grow their own beans carrots lettuce etc they will enjoy in eating what they have “created.” This in turn will emphasize the importance of healthy eating.

slide 7: Grow What You Eat Eat What You Grow In this virtual technology age children need time with family. Children learn new skills have fun and play develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden by growing their own food. Most children enjoy being in terraces or balconies and love digging the soil getting dirty creating things and watching plants grow. Get started with your terrace or balcony garden for your children with these amazing garden kits. To know more about BENEFITS OF GETTING CHILDREN INTO GARDENING Visit: MY DREAM GARDEN

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