12 Strangest things I ate in China


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I lived in China for 4 years and in that time I had some pretty interest things to eat Not on the list, but should have been include Pig Eyes, tongue, intestines, duck blood, and there are many more. (honestly though, most of this food may not be normal for a Western diet, but taste pretty good! Started to eat Donkey almost every week, really)For full description visit http://www.mychinesebusiness.com/ also check out my podast


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12 Strangest things I ate in China, In Order (There were other things but I said no!):

12 Strangest things I ate in China, In Order (There were other things but I said no!) MyChinesebusiness.com

#12 Donkey:

#12 Donkey

#11 Horse:

#11 Horse

#10 Chicken Feet:

#10 Chicken Feet

#9 Snails:

#9 Snails

#8 Grasshoppers:

#8 Grasshoppers

#7 Cow Stomach:

#7 Cow Stomach

#6 Scorpions two types:

#6 Scorpions two types

#5 Pig Feet:

#5 Pig Feet

#4 Silk Worms:

#4 Silk Worms Couldn’t find a pic of silk worms here’s me eating scorpions

#3 Dog:

#3 Dog

#2 Duck Head:

#2 Duck Head

The Strangest Thing I Ate:

The Strangest Thing I Ate Are you Ready !


#1 Really Are you Ready

PowerPoint Presentation:

#1 KFC Yeah, I didn’t know they were still around, but they are everywhere in China

Hope you enjoyed:

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