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14 things that one will notice when they arrive in China. From 2008-2012 I lived in China, when I returned to the states people started to ask many question so I started the website and podcast. Here are some slides for one post -you-first-arrive-in-beijing-china/


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Beijing China:

Beijing China 14 thing I noticed after arriving


#1 It is normal for girls to hold each other hands while walking.


#2 Everyone spits everywhere .


#3 The air is terribly dry causing your throat and skin to be dry as well (I have been getting bloody snot here).


#4 A lot of people have terrible acne here.


#5 Crossing the street is a life and death struggle for everyone: lights do not matter here.


#6 All food is brightly packaged


#7 If there is any room in a line, someone will cut to the front.


#8 The food taste good and is cheap. The problem though is I don’t really feel that I am getting a good balance of things of the food pyramid


#9 Everything at any place can be bargained for. In bargaining in a store if you say you don’t want a receipt they can give you a discount because there is then no record for taxes or anything. (A person in China I know just looked over this page and told me to change it from receipt to invoice. Thank you )


#10 Everyone has had their bike stolen.


#11 The city blocks are extremely long.


#12 Fireworks go off all the time (Common to signal a marriage)


#13 There are smoke stacks all over the place


#14 The Koreans here have their own sub community, just like China town in the US. If you want the best deals go to the Korean areas. They are used to dealing with Americans.

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