3 Amazing Ways To Use Glycerin For Clear Skin

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While most beauty products may contain glycerin as one of its ingredients, you can also use it straight away to take care of your skin. Here are three easy ways to make glycerin a part of your beauty routine.


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3 Amazing Ways To Use Glycerin For Clear Skin:

3 Amazing Ways To Use Glycerin For Clear Skin

1. As a cleanser:

1. As a cleanser Glycerin mainly contains of sugars and alcohol organic compounds. It has this amazing ability to deeply cleanse the skin by removing excess oil, dirt and even makeup. As such, rather than cleansing milks, you can make use of glycerin to clean your face . USE : Wet your face and then take a few drops of glycerin on a cotton ball and apply all over. You can also add in three tablespoons of milk to one tablespoon of glycerin and leave it on overnight .

2. To moisturize the skin:

2. To moisturize the skin For those who continually have to deal with dry skin, glycerin can help a great deal it locking moisture and keeping the skin soft. It is known to be a humectant that helps in slowing down the vanishing of water from your skin and keeping it hydrated. Moreover, it improves skin permeability and promotes cell growth . USE : Apply glycerin directly on your skin or mix it with vitamin E oil . Massage onto your skin before going to bed and leave it on overnight .

3. To fight against skin breakouts:

3. To fight against skin breakouts Glycerin suits all skin types as it is very gentle on the skin. The plant-based oil helps fight against skin irritation and rashes, and because it is non-greasy, it can keep your skin hydrated without activating excessive sebum production that leads to skin breakouts like acne and pimples . USE : Take one part glycerin and two parts rose water , and use it as a skin toner.


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