Introduction to Science

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First day presentation for Mr. Warner's class.


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Please find the card with your name on it, (you might check the seating chart) and fill it out. You will not be able to answer all the questions so it is okay to leave some blank. If you cannot find your card, please see Mr. Warner

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Write following in your planner: Monday Introduction Tuesday Class Expectations Wednesday Comp books due, build notebooks, blog Thursday Lab assessment Friday Safety

Mr. Warner : 

Mr. Warner Married, 1 child Dmitri Likes being outside Bikes, runs, hikes camps Builds Stuff Into Technology lately Grew up here, kind of

Professional Qualifications : 

Professional Qualifications 15 years at East, 16 years teaching B.S. Wildlife Bio, CSU Master’s degree CSU District Curriculum Lead Chemical Safety Wrestling, Basketball coach

Class Blog : 

Class Blog

What is Physical Science : 

What is Physical Science Physics Motion Forces Energy

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Matter Atoms Compounds Elements Mixtures

Chemistry : 

Chemistry How matter interacts with energy Also sound and waves

Now let’s learn some names! : 

Now let’s learn some names!

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