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People are affected by the sum of all of their actions throughout the year. We investigate these people’s lives leading up to the holiday season. These are their stories.

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January 4, 2008Brashears residence:Suspects under surveillanceand in disguise.

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February, 2008Bounce party venue:Suspects co-mingled with other alleged perpetrators.Domestic dispute underway.

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February, 2008Brashears residence:Possible domestic animalpampering ring.

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March, 2008Deep Creek Lake:Suspects fled to secluded mountain cabin to hideout with cousins.

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March, 2008“Granny & Pop’s” residence:Suspects scored a large quantity of sucrose from known suppliers of this controlled substance.

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April, 2008Ocean City, MD:Off season road trip to beach resort to lay lowand regroup.

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May, 2008Preschool graduation, Bel Air:Suspect achieves new social status and celebrates with Mimi and Aunt Kir.

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Suspects a.k.a. “Cool Dudes”

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June, 2008Brashears residence:Perps taunt the Dept of Public Works with water antics.

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July, 2008On the water…Suspects infiltrate Port Authority on the Chesapeake Bay and Deer Creek.

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August, 2008Dutch Wonderland, PA:Rendezvous with Amish gang to invade amusement park.

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Suspects attempted to hack Nick Jr. web site and had a “procedure” done with a masked “associate”.

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September, 2008Hershey Park, PA:Chocolate (and fun) run!

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October, 2008Bel Air, MD:Suspects in disguise… again.

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November, 2008Gymnastics Party:Suspects getting older and wiser before our very eyes.

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Downtown Baltimore:Perps networking out on the town. Carl overheard saying, “It feels good to be in the city.”

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December 2008:Preschool Holiday Extravaganza! (four songs and some snacks) Suspects on their best behavior.

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Merry Christmas! Love, The Brashears Family

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Case Update: Subjects were investigated and found guilty of joy and happiness throughout the year with only a few relapses into the dark side. They were released on their own recognizancebut will continue to be watched. Replay Exit

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