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One of the finest All-Girls boarding schools in India, MIS is situated in the pristine hill station of Mussoorie in north India. MIS is consistently ranked among the top schools in India and is a leader in pastoral care.


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7 REASONS TO STUDY IN IN BOARDING SCHOOL IN INDIA 7 REASONS TO STUDY IN IB BOARDING SCHOOL IN INDIA Parents are always worried about their kids and they always want the best for their child – this is the reason why it is hard for them to send their child to boarding school. It is natural for parents to ponder the questions on “which school to send their child” or “why you should consider sending your child in a boarding school” here are some of the answer of your question telling you about the reason as to send your child in boarding school. GET THE BEST EDUCATION In the boarding school competition is always high so in order to achieve that level of success one has to work very hard and due to it being boarding school teacher will also be available to help you around if you are facing some difficulties. Thus in boarding school you get much better education than you achieve at day school.

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ENJOY EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Besides studies there are other activities that you can perform like games football basketball etc. swimming music club drama club exercise etc. which are most probably not available at home or day school even if it is available you don’t get much time to enjoy all those activities. LEARNING TO BE SELF RESPONSIBLE Students at the boarding school mature much more quickly than the student at the day school as they face many problems and solutions of which they themselves have to find – meaning they do not depend on anyone else.

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EVERY STUDENT GET ATTENTION In boarding school the student tends to be very small in number in every class thus every individual attention gets the attention of the teacher whereas in day school due to large amount of students in every class sometime teacher don’t able to pay attention to every student. LIBRARIES AND MEDIA CENTRE ARE WELL STOCKED This boarding school goes long back and thus is stocked are fabulously well equipped. The library includes more than 5000 books and every year more books are stocked with the assistance of the student and teacher as they are asked to recommend some books and authors. MEET NEW PEOPLE As it is a boarding school people from all around the world come which is really helpful in expanding the mentality of the student. They need to know about the different cultures and meeting other students tends to help them. LEAVING AWAY FROM HOME HELPS There are many reasons behind boarding school is much better to accommodate student than them leaving at home. First leaving in the same communities with their peers and going through the same experience helps them a lot. Second they start being more responsible and careful leaving away teach them that. CONCLUSION The Mussoorie International School is the best ​IB boarding school ​ ​in India ​ and it is also a girl’s school. The boarding school dormitories are made as to student convenience. If you want to ​read more ​about Mussoorie International boarding school ​visit to the ​website ​.

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