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Since 1997, Passion Conferences has been at the forefront of world wide ministry and looks to bring religion, music, speakers, and arts to the masses. It allows individuals, typically age 18-25, to gather together in appreciation of what is going on in Christianity today all over the world. Typically held in the United States, Passion Conferences (Also known as the 268 Generation) are bringing their outstanding brand to South Africa in the coming months.


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Welcome to South Africa best online Mus ic Shop Welcome to South Africa best online Mus ic Shop

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Gospel music is a music genre in Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. South African Gospel Singers South African Gospel Singers

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South Africa's Queen of Gospel Rebecca Malope Rebecca Malope After 30 years of an astoundingly erupting career, Rebecca Malope stakes her claim as one of the best to ever sing the Good Lord's praises and has the hard ware to prove it.  Winning awards year after year she has sold over 10 million albums in South Africa alone which puts her on the list as a top star not only in her genre but across music as a whole. As an individual and collaborative artist she has released over 30 albums with most receiving gold o platinum status. She has appeared on TV and made appearences across the nation as one of the Queens of today.

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KEKE Kekeletso Phoofolo , otherwise known to the Gospel world as Keke , was born and raised in the Soweto region of South Africa and had a late introduction to the world of singing. When he was younger, it was said that Keke had a great desire to be in the military but music had other plans. In 1994 he signed with  Zoe Gospel Music , as a back up vocalist. Down the road, he was given the opporunity to compete at the "Shell Road to Fame" as a solo act and his career had no where to go but up !

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Rev. Benjamin Dube Reverend Benjamin Dube was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on January 23 1962 and was the last of five siblings. His parents, who were educators and evangelist in the local ministry, raised Benjamin in his walk of faith and can be evidently responsible for raising him to be the man he is today.  The Reverend has been an exemplary individual in his community for decades, but now that his reach has started to touch the masses, it is clear that he is no ordinary individual.

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