use of rfid in operations management

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This presentation explains the following: 1. What is RFID? 2. How does it work? 3. Use of RFID in Operations Management? 4. Future of RFID.


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Use of RFID in Operations Management:

Use of RFID in Operations Management Group O2 Harini Valluri Soman Nahata Ankit Jangalwa Gandharv Raj Sethi Vishwajeet Narayan

RFID Technology:

RFID Technology What is RFID ? R adio F requency Id entification A micro-chip in a label used to transmit data when the label is exposed to radio waves. RFID is also called dedicated short range communication (DSRC) .

RFID Basics:

RFID Basics Main Components: RFID Tags RFID Reader – Antenna and transceiver(reader) Host Computer( acts as decoder ) Major players:IBM , Texas Instruments, Cisco RFID Tag

RFID Basics:

RFID Basics How it works ? Antenna Passive Active

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Uses in Operations Mgmt Receiving Sorting Product Genealogy Putaway and Picking Inventory Management WIP Tracking Just-in-Sequence Verification Shipping Yard Management Plant equipment Maintenance Labor Tracking and Security

RFID in Retail Supply Chain:

RFID in Retail Supply Chain Retail Supply chain process Supplier Manufacturing Retailer/ Distributor/ Distribution Retailer store Consumer

RFID in Retail Supply Chain:

RFID in Retail Supply Chain Automate the Supply chain process RFID TAG Reader

Future of RFID:

Future of RFID Its worth will increase at a very rapid pace in the coming years. Every industrial operation that needs the data to be collected has application of the RFID systems. Companies seek to improve their operations The price of RFID drops. The use of the technology is expected to grow very fast in the fields of health care, transportation, pharmaceuticals, retailing etc.


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