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About skeletal scintigraphy


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ABOUT BONE SCINTIGRAPHY MURALI This topic briefly describes about the scintiscanning of the bone in the nuclear medicine department

Introduction : 

Introduction Skeletal scintigraphy is performed by injecting a bone seeking radioactive tracer with the aid of gamma camera. More sensitive than conventional X-ray procedure.

Topics For Discussion : 

Topics For Discussion Radio active tracer or Radiopharmaceuticals and affinity Patient preparation Indications for bone scan Imaging Techniques-Planar & Spect Radiation Dosimetry Conclusion

Radiopharmaceuticals : 

Radiopharmaceuticals Technetium(99mTc) a gamma ray emitting radionuclide is labelled with phosphate or phosphonate(MDP,HDP) which has affinity to bone Intravenous injection,dose Adults (15-25mCi). Children's depends on weight&age Imaging time 2- 3 hours delayed after I.V

Pt.Preparation : 

Pt.Preparation No restrictions to eat,drink or to drive. Intake of more fluid after Injection Frequent voiding is advised Instruct about the procedure to the patient Remove all the external metallic objects and prosthesis before to scan

Indications : 

Indications Rule out of bony metastases, staging ,Pre & Post palliative, chemo and radio therapy. Avascular necrosis,Infection and Inflammation,micro fracture, bonegraft perfusion,biopsy site. Metabolic bone disease,arthritis, gout

Imaging Techniques-Planar & Spect : 

Imaging Techniques-Planar & Spect Gamma Camera fitted with High Resolution collimator Whole body imaging : Scan speed = 11 cm/min Spot views : Time mode: 5 min & in count mode : 600kcts Blood pool image at 5 min post injection is acquired to r/o infection. SPECT Gamma camera rotates clockwise or counter in order to obtain 3D images. The information acquired from each projection is translated in to images by suitable processing methods. Time mode : 30 sec/projection

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Radiation Dosimetry : 

Radiation Dosimetry Estimated Absorbed Radiation Doses(MIRD) ADULT

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Sensitivity is more but Specificity is less Radiation dose is less when compare to X-rays. Contra indication unknown except pregnancy No Adverse reactions but there is a least chance for hypersensitivity reactions

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