Farming System Model for Garden land Situation

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Farming System Model for Garden land Situation:

Farming System Model for Garden land Situation By: Y. Elamin PhD Agronomy RAD\ 11 - 46

Integrated farming systems what is it?:

Integrated farming systems what is it? Farming system approach envisages the integration of agro-forestry, horticulture, animal production, biogas, mushroom, sericulture and by-product utilization of crops with the main goal of increasing the income and standard of living of small and marginal farmers.

Continue :

Continue Integrated systems are about bringing crops and livestock into an interactive relationship with the expectation that together, as opposed to alone, they will generate positive effects on outcomes of interest, such as profitability overall productivity, and conservation of non-renewable resources. It is, however, much more than this.

Farming System Include:

Farming System Include The “system” includes the environment, soil characteristics, landscape positions, genetics, and ecology of plant and animals. It involves management practices, goals and lifestyles of humans, social constraints, economic opportunities, marketing strategies and externalities including energy supplies and costs and impacts of farm policies. Systems also reflect natural resources available and the impact on their use, wildlife issues, target and non-target plant and animal species, micro-organisms, and indeed all of the definable and indefinable factors that ultimately interact to result in an outcome that is never constant. [Source : Allen et al., 2007]

Why Integrated Farming Systems? :

Why Integrated Farming Systems? Aims Increased productivity Profitability Sustainability Balanced food Clean environment Recycling of resources Income round the year Adoption of new technology Solving energy crises Fuel and fodder crises Avoiding deforestation Increased employment generation Input-output efficiency Enhanced opportunity for agriculture oriented industries and standard of living of the farmers [Source : Gill, 2008]

Objectives of integrated farming systems:

Objectives of integrated farming systems To identify existing farming systems in specific area and assess their relative viability; To formulate farming system models involving main and allied enter­prises for different farming situations; To ensure optional utilization and conservation of available resources and effective recycling of farm residues within system; To maintain sustainable production system without damaging resources base environment and To raise overall profitability of farm household by complementing main allied enterprises with each other. Contd ……

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