Healthy Nutrition for Kids


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With the hectic lifestyle of parents these days, the children are unable to follow a healthy nutrition, which is completely wrong for their diet. At Munchkin Kids, We have health coaches to guide on healthy nutrition for kids with a proper diet. As our coaches teach myriad ways of healthy eating for children, the parents can take help from the retreats and workshops we offer.


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Healthy Nutrition for Kids

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This is about spreading awareness of nutrient dense whole foods that are animal-free sugar-free and gluten-free. Illuminating Consciousness in promoting healthy lifestyle choices not only through movement, good food and breath but accessing healing potential in a myriad of ways through health coaching, workshops and retreats. Working with Mums (but Dad's are welcome too) to set kids up for an informed future of food where they're early learning become the building blocks for a bright future.

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