HIV & AIDS and the Role of Media by Dr MUNAWAR KHAN SACP

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HIV and AIDS and the Role of Media:

HIV and AIDS and the Role of Media By: Dr M MUNAWAR KHAN SACP


Every minute, 6 persons die of an AIDS related illness Every minute, 9 more persons become HIV positive

Current Situation:

Current Situation Problems: Inadequate coverage of the issue Stories based on misinformation, sensationalism and are unethical at times, stigmatizing People Living With HIV and AIDS

Factors Behind Inadequate Coverage:

Factors Behind Inadequate Coverage Socio-cultural norms Religious beliefs Invisibility of the virus Sensitivities / taboos attached to HIV and AIDS Lack of appropriate language

Role of the Media:

Role of the Media Take ownership Increase understanding of issues related to HIV and AIDS Create and promote an enabling environment for effective reporting on HIV and AIDS Address HIV and AIDS in their own media institutions

Media Activism:

Media Activism Clear perception/misconception Create awareness; generate motivation rather than hopelessness Encourage coverage; move from health emphasis Give due respect to PLWHA Create a supportive and enabling environment


Challenges Break the silence on HIV and AIDS End stigmatization and discrimination of PLWHA

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