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Test de la banane: :

Test de la banane: Banana Test Click here!

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Four different animals find themselves under a really big, tall palm tree: a lion a monkey a giraffe a squirrel They decide to have a contest to find out who is the quickest to pick the banana at the top of the tree. Which animal do you think gets to the banana first? Click here!

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Attention: Your answer reveals something important about your personality. Therefore, contemplate your solution carefully! You only have 30 seconds for this task! Which animal will grab the banana first? Have you finally decided? One click for the solution to this delicate question...

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then you're a hopeless case ! the lion, then you've got a serious problem! If your answer was ... the monkey, then you're a jackass! the giraffe, then you're stupid! the squirrel, And why? Click here!

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Why? Simply because bananas don't grow on palm trees!!! You must really be too stressed and overworked. Take a few days off and just try to relax! Click here!

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Have a great day...

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