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A Case Analysis On :



INTRODUCTION Mr.Nathan , sales manager of Apex Electrical Co. Ltd. The company was in the business of manufacturing and marketing electric motors of a wide range of horse power. The company’s factory and head office were situated in Bombay and it had its branch offices at New Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore, each headed by a regional manger.


PROBLEM FACING Distributor operated almost independently, that’s why Regional office therefore had very little information on the exact marketing. There where also complaints received from some of the dealers that they did not get a fair deal and would instead prefer to deal with the company. Problem of getting actual information for taking good decision.

Analysis Of Case:

Analysis Of Case Mr.Nathan had just received a proposal from his regional manager at Bangalore for opening a sub-office in Madras. Considering what would be the best decision in the company’s short-run as well as long-run interest. Regional office at Bangalore was responsible for sales in Karnataka, TamilNadu and Kerala In Karnataka distribution network was controlled by the regional office. There was more than one dealer and the company salesmen regularly contacted the dealers and the office maintained good marketing information.


In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala the sales were channeled through are single distributers and he appointed his own dealer to cover the cities of Madras and Cochin. The regional office ,therefore had very little information on the exact marketing setup. Some of the dealer complain that they did not get a fair deal. Regional manager discussed this matter with the sales manager, Mr. Nathan and gave a proposal to open an sub-office at Madras. Continues…

Question 1:

Question 1 Q 1. What decision would you take if you were in place of Mr. Nathan ? Ans. - If I will be the place of Mr. Nathan than I accept the proposal for opening the sub-office at Madras. I treat my regional manager or sub ordinate as human being and try to maintain good relation with them. Decision will be good for long term and short term.

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