Don't Copy My 11 Blogging Mistakes

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If you want to be successful in blogging, then don’t ever make these mistakes if you are a true blogger. I did blogging mistakes, and I do make them even now. I have made all the mistakes mentioned in this document. So don’t copy my blogging mistakes.


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Dont Copy My 11 Blogging Mistakes If you shut down your blog just because of the lack of the results then you must have made some blogging mistakes which led you to do this. Did you stop writing or updating your blog because it wasn’t going anywhere Did you choose blogging as career option just to make money overnight which didn’t happen Well mistakes do occur my friend. If you want to be successful in blogging then don’t ever make these mistakes if you are a true blogger. The easiest thing you can do is to avoid mistakes at any cost. Although we know that humans do make mistakes. But this is also true that we learn from our mistakes. And they become stepping-stones to our future success. Mistakes will give you a rich experience to perform better in your field. It applies to the blogging field as well. As a newbie a blogger will make a lot of mistakes. You will make blogging mistakes because you dont know what to do. But you are doing it because you followed blindly. And then your blog falls down. With each mistake you make you have to grow up with knowledge and skills you need for blogging. So rise up.

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And believe it or not everyone does make mistakes. Now I ask you did you make any of these 15 mistakes as a blogger 1. Wrong Niche or Topic You cannot know everything. But you surely know something. If you do not know about what you are writing and got jumped in just because of quick money you will soon regret it. You can only write about something which you love you have passion in. See if you are passionate about tech gadgets how can you write about dogs and cats Choosing a topic is very important before starting a blog. This will decide your coming future in blogging. Before you start a blog you should the whole purpose of your blog. Is it going to be an informative blog helpful blog entertaining blog or personal blog The purpose of your blog defines you. This is why I chose this mistake as number one mistake and most of us have done it. I have done it too. Admit it. Rectify it. Follow your passion and everything else will follow you. 2. Inconsistency Or Forgot To Do It Well you started your blog. Good job Are you also updating it regularly I hope you are. And if you arent then you have done a big mistake after starting. Didnt you get time to update it Didnt you have patience for web traffic to come in You got frustrated because you didnt know what to write Or you had something important or other priorities first Or you thought you would start making money after giving in 5-10 posts I have done this mistake. And I regret it now. But I have fixed myself for not doing this again. I thought the same as you are thinking. First I chose the wrong niche and gave it 10 articles waiting for money to roll in quickly. That didnt happen. Your blog readers are looking for new and updated information. Forget about people Google is looking for new content with its new algorithm in place. When Google doesnt find any new content as a technology robot then how would people find your blog. Of course there would be a big downtime of your web traffic.

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Nobody is forcing you to update your blog with a new post every single day. Do it once or twice a week with a fresh and genuine look. Publish high-quality articles only. Never look at low-quality articles they will only downgrade your blog. If you dont get time to write articles then consider writing several articles together and then schedule them to go live. You can use few of the plugins which can help you achieve this. Heres what Sue Dunlevie the owner of Successful Blogging says if you write an article once a week only. If you update your blog once a week and write 1000 words per post after a year you’ll have written a small book. That’s impressive. It really does make you an expert in your niche and the very act of that writing will have helped you learn a lot about yourself your goals and your business. You started your blog for something which you must have conceived in your mind. Patience is the key here. So have patience and keep updating. 3. Copy Paste Please dont do this. Never ever Its called plagiarism which is an illegal act under the offense of copyrights. Dont be a blogger who just copies other people stuff and paste on their blog. That is not your article. I started with a niche blog which I didnt even like it. But for the sake of earning money quickly I copied other articles onto my blog. And I was happy looking at the blog full of content. The content was but no traffic. Google didnt allow my blog to be shown to the user because the content already existed on the internet archive before mine. So Google showed primary article source which was not mine. Why would I be happy if theres no traffic to my blog If readers can find the same copy of the content on another blog they wouldnt even subscribe to my mailing list. They will stop visiting my blog and they did. Always come up with new ideas and words so Google knows about it. The main challenge is to keep your readers attached to your blog and that is possible with unique content only. 4. Full Of Clutter Ads Many bloggers as said previously want to see money rolling in quickly without even wondering how much damage they are making to their blog visually. How would you respond when your cell phone company calls you dozen times in a day trying to sell you something

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I will change my cell phone company. Dont let this happen to your readers. You will only decrease the percentage of readers coming onto your site. Readers dont like the ads at all. Especially when its giving a cluttered look. You will make them confuse to understand where to look for information when they were referred to your site via search engine. Although ads are used to earn money thats the source of income. But use them wisely. Use them in such a way that your readers can read the content along with the rightly placed ads. Ads placement is very important in here. I dont like too many ads on the site those pop-ups and exit pop-ups. Everything on the page looks so colorful with interstitial ads that I have dig deeper to grab the content. Dont make it hard for your readers to read the content on your blog for which you have worked so hard. Do not complicate it. Your readers will love your site. 5. Not Doing Blog Promotion You worked hard and wrote down articles researched on the internet to sign up with ad networks to use stock images audios and videos with links on your blog. Your blog is all ready now waiting for traffic to come in and generate sales through ads or affiliate links or grow your readership. But sorry nothing is going to happen. If you dont know how to drive traffic to your blog you are wasting your time. Just like writing content promotion plays a vital role in the blogging world. You will have to learn online marketing SEO skills for this if you dont want to make this mistake. Various courses are available online on how to promote your blog. My favorite way of learning is through videos. And thats why I prefer Udemy.

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Here you can use various methods in promoting your blog like social media forum posting commenting guest posting etc. Jerry Low owner of Web Hosting Secret Revealed WHSR talks about 80/20 rule which can be easily adopted by a blogger to maximize the results. He says marketing is the most crucial aspect of blogging but keeping in mind that you shouldnt neglect the quality of your blog content. Find what works for you and stick to the plan. Even if you are not selling anything you have to attract visitors. Promote your blog on social media websites and allow others to do that directly from your website. You can add social media plugins to let readers share the article. Ask other bloggers in your network to give feedback on your post and share it on social media or their website. There are forums which you can join and help others which will establish yourself as a brand. The key here is to promote yourself and your blog by any means but in white hat mode. Many bloggers use black hat method to promote their blogs but that ends in being punished by Google. 6. Using Free Domain Hosting For a blog we require domain and hosting compatible with WordPress. And these two are the very basic needs to run a blog in a professional way. People would choose free resources because it saves money. But does it gives your readers a professional look Which one would you prefer from these two - or You figured it out yourself You could go to websites providing free domain and hosting like CO.NR or 000Webhost to sign up with their free services and you would be online in no time that too without paying anything. If you want to know more about them what they are offering click here.

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See being frugal is good in business. But blogging is the only business in the world which you can start in may be less than 100. A free domain which doesnt look good and hosting which could make your page load slower and frustrate your readers would only make you quit your blogging business. I always recommend for premium hosting that guarantees website uptime and can handle your load requests very well. If you currently own a blog hosted on a free hosting plan and want to check its load speed then you can go to Pingdom and run the test to analyze whats slowing it down. You can also sign up for a website monitoring service online to send you an alert when theres a downtime. There are loads of options available in premium hosting. And you would wonder which one to choose which one would be the best hosting for your blog. I would advise you to compare all the benefits of the hosting service providers before you buy. Go for premium hosting only. Personally I recommend Bluehost Dreamhost Hostgator and DigitalOcean to host your WordPress blog. 7. What About SEO If you are neglecting SEO your visitors will never ever find you online. Many bloggers dont know how to do SEO for their site so search engines can find them for the visitors looking for information online. The most important part of SEO is proper keyword research. On the basis of the keyword which we need to target we define our goals for SEO. Once you have written the article based on a particular niche you cant just sit wait and watch for traffic to come. You need to do more SEO based on the keyword you have chosen. Newbies do this blogging mistake because they dont know how to do it. Nobody knows initially unless you have done some kind of SEO course. A blogger will keep writing and writing the content for the blog and traffic will never show up. Get educated about SEO. If you know how to write a high-quality content and know good SEO strategy half the battle is won.

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8. No Plans No Goals If you want to make blogging successful seriously then you should not forget to make your plans and goals. Take blogging as a business which will earn you money in the long run. When you start a blog you need a plan goal beforehand. The plan will keep you stick to your goals. Dont worry if you dont have any goal. You can make one now. Successful bloggers are dependent on their plan always. That builds up their strength and their momentum. When I started there was no plan at all. Big mistake. Now I have my plan my goal. You dont have to plan a big goal start with small first and then progress towards the bigger one. Once you start achieving small ones you will keep yourself motivated to achieve other small ones ultimately achieving the bigger one. Stacey Roberts the owner of the lifestyle blog Veggie Mama says Success is the best motivator. There’s nothing like that adrenalin rush you get when you pull something off. You put in hard work and you were rewarded. More of that please You’ll move heaven and earth to make some time to get that stuff done because you know it works. It feels good to win. Its better to list down your plans and goals and for that you can use free printables offered by Abby Lawson the owner of Just a Girl and Her Blog.

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Its important to take necessary steps to accomplish your goals if you want to be a successful blogger. 9. Comments Well we all need to communicate with each other in some way on the blogs. That is where commenting portion comes in. We comment on other blogs to network with other bloggers.

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If you receive comments on your blog do not miss on them. Do reply them. Give them a thankful note because they have come to read your blog and want to network with you. Because they liked one of your articles. I even stopped doing it 2 years back. I found it boring initially. Sometimes I used to think that why do I have to do this. You know where there is no plan or no goal you find things boring actually. But when I started commenting on other blogs I started networking with like- minded people on the internet. The people who actually want to be the professional bloggers. When somebody who is earning thousands of dollars every month is commenting then why cant you as a newbie do it When you comment on other blogs you are actually expressing your thoughts and opinions. If you think it becomes hard to write something in comment box then read the article first. Yes You are not reading the article. That is why you dont know what to write. Read and then write. This will help promote your blog also through a backlink given on the site which will help you get more traffic from that site. Its a mistake if you are not commenting on other sites or not replying to comments on your site. As recommended by successful bloggers this will leave you in an abandoned ship all alone. 10. First Or Last Impression A theme is what your visitor first looks at. Its like the first impression. And we all know if that is bad then it becomes the last impression. As a newbie you could use free themes available on the internet but using premium themes always give your website a premium look with a nice branding appeal. A free template does not give an individual feel of the blog because its being used for different other blogs on the internet. Though you can kickstart your blog with a free theme. But sooner or later you will have to get premium theme installed on your blog. I installed many free themes and I never got satisfied with the looks. Either I had trouble getting support for it or the theme crashed because of bad coding. And one day after many trials on a free theme I stopped using them. You dont make the same mistake as I did. Use premium theme on your blog. You can try following resources for the premium themes:  Themeforest  Theme Junkie

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 Elegant Themes  StudioPress These websites provide creative themes for WordPress based websites that give your blog a professional and beautiful look. You can contact them for their support if in case you need any modification help. You can modify it as per your needs to give it a unique look. As you start using a premium theme people will start noticing you it will generate more revenue from your blog making richer. Greg Narayan the owner of Dear Blogger mentioned in his one of the post that he got richer by actually buying a premium theme. Dont believe me Check his post here. So free or premium theme the choice is yours 11. CONTENT Not to forget this mistake which we all do initially. You are not an expert and that is why you are here so you dont make mistakes. And content is extremely important in blogging. If this isnt right nothing is going to be right. When I started I asked myself how would I write the article in such blog formats I knew how to write an essay I remember from school days with lengthy paragraphs and such difficult words which will impress my teacher. There was only one audience - my teacher. Here we have got two teachers to impress. Search engine and your blog reader. All my essay styled paragraphs broke down into small 2-3 lines sections only without using high vocabulary terms to confuse my blog readers. It should be styled simple and sober so your reader can understand what they are looking for. It should be presentable in a clean format and must include keywords very importantly. We make mistakes in grammar and punctuation. I have seen many professional bloggers making this mistake. It happens. To prevent this proofread your blog multiple times. Read it loudly when proofreading as this activates your mind to only listen to you as a speaker. I do this. For proofreading I use Grammarly.

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You can also use Grammarly application which finds 250 type of errors and also provides other features to suggest the best possible use. You can install it as a browser extension an MS Office add-in and as a desktop app. Its available as free and premium with advanced features. Your Mistakes I did blogging mistakes and I do make them even now. I have made all the mistakes above mentioned. So dont copy my blogging mistakes. Nobody is perfect but you have to remain conscious to stay on top. I have learned a lot in my last 2 years. I was away from my blog nearly for about 10 months that taught me a lot. I dont want to be a part of those bloggers who repeats mistakes always and I didnt want to repeat any of mine. I am sure there are much more blogging mistakes which you might have done and not mentioned here. I would sure love to know about it.

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