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Thankuuuu Frenz ....... i prefer u to see dis on YOUTUBE as well .... here its not showing ryt ......nd I hv enables DOWNLOADING

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gud ppt

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awasam ppt i like it

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good presentation jus wht im looking for wud b grateful if i cud download it. gd wk

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Please help me with this ppt file.

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SAVE THE TREES! Lets do it,We Dosen’t have too many to begin with

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SAVE TREES SAVE WILDLIFE Save trees to save wild animals They need tree to complete food circle Example Lion>deer>grass Lion eats deers or goats and the need grass and trees to eat

Slide 3: 

SAVE TREES SAVE BIRDS Save Trees to save beautiful birds Birds need Tree to live Bird makes their house(nest) on Tree if there will be no tree than where will they make there houses

Slide 4: 

SAVE TREES TO SAVE OURSELF Trees are essential for our life We need trees for :- For Food(fruit,Vegitable) For paper For fresh air For wood needed to make houses

Slide 5: 

HELP TREES THEY HELP US Picture Shows That tress helps Us in bad timesbut we are selfish To help them SO HELP TREES SAVE THEM

Slide 6: 

EFFECT OF DEFORESTATION NO Oxygen Heat all over No wildlife

Slide 7: 

HOW CAN WE SAVE TREES Save Paper Read E-books Save paper use ceramic pad which is reusable

Slide 8: 

HOW CAN WE SAVE TREES Grow AT Least one Tree in your housw Water plants don’t cut them

Slide 9: 

World With and Without Trees

Slide 10: 

World looks good with TREES

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