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C o n c e p t t o P e r f o r m a n c e www.muezhest.com Vegetable Oil Processing and Beyond Edible Oils/Oleochemicals/Value Added Products Processing Plants Technology Equipments Services

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C o n c e p t t o P e r f o r m a n c e www.muezhest.com Contents Introduction Solvent Extraction Plant Edible Oil Refining Plant Fat Modification Plant Value Addition Product Plant Oleochemicals Plant RD Facility Tailor Made Equipments For Expansion Refining of Oils Fats Enzymatic Degumming Bleaching Dewaxing Winterization Physical Refining/Deodorization Dry Fractionation Chemical Interesterification Lecithin Bakery Shortening/Margarine High Pressure Splitting With Pre Concentration Glycerine Distillation Fractional Distillation Research Analytical Laboratory Proto-validation Finest Technology Process Engineering For The Edible Oil Industry

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1 Introduction C o n c e p t t o P e r f o r m a n c e www.muezhest.com MUEZ-HEST INDIA PVT. LTD is a Leading Project Engineering Company established in the year 1995 and a prominent name in the field of Edible / Non Edible Oil Processing Plants and Allied Value Added Product Plants Oleo-chemicals Plants Fat Modification Plants Technology Oil Testing Facility Pilot Testing to validate the process and Services on Turnkey Basis. We have supplied more than 230 plants all over India and abroad which are performing successfully. Our customizable technologies are helping clients to meet their requirements of Hydrogenation Plant Dry Fractionation Plant Inter- Esterification Bakery Shortening Margarine Lecithin Plant Lecithin Powder Plant Reactors and Special Equipment. As leading technology providers we are committed to offer you the world class projects and services. We have our own in house RD Centre duly recognized by the DSIR Ministry of Science Technology Government of India wherein we undertake innovative projects Develop prototype equipment which are scaled up on successful trial performances. Further we also undertake expansion of existing plants with latest technology into fully automatic PLC version if desired and energy audit to minimize cost of production enhance the quality quantity of Edible/Cooking Oil/Ice Cream/Bakery and Pastry fat. At MUEZ-HEST our ability and willingness to provide complete services coupled with high quality project management and training ensures that all your needs are handled under one roof. The services provided to the industry include: Process Design and Engineering Inspection Supply Installation Commissioning on turnkey basis. After Sales and troubleshooting Services. Third Party Audit. 2

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MUEZ-HEST Solvent Extraction Plants are used for extraction of oil from oil bearing seeds and cakes. Solvent extraction consists of four main operations Extraction of oil from oil bearing seeds /cakes. De-solventising of de-oiled seeds / cake. Distillation to separate the solvent from the Miscella. Recover the solvent for reuse. www.muezhest.com Refining of Oils Fats 1 Edible Oil Refining Solvent Extraction Plant The refining of FATS and OILS is comprised of Water Degumming Gum Conditioning Alkali refining water washing vacuum drying. FATS and OILS containing gums and FFA Free Fatty Acid are required to be removed by Refining Process for producing quality refined oil. MUEZ-HEST provides a highly EFFECTIVE WATER DEGUMMING DRY DEGUMMING PLANT which involves few critical stages- mixing of water phosphoric acid / citric acid and crude oil by using HIGH SHEAR ROTATING MIXER and PRECIPITATION TANK. The process design is well established and very effective for various FATS and OILS. 3 Highlights Continuous operation. Lower Solvent Losses. Low Power Consumption. Zero Effluent. Low sediment in the final oil. Long Extraction time ensuring low residual oil. Simple rugged design for low maintenance reliable operator. Easy to transport install. M M HEXANE TO RINSING HOPPER FLUSHING SG SG SG TO MISCELLA TANK MISCELLA MISCELLA T TO RINSING HOPPER FLUSHING SG SG HEXANE M M SG DT VAPOUR DUCT LC M TO FROM M M WET DUST CATCHER HEXANE TANK AIR BLOWER FEED HOPPER EXTRACTOR SCREW CONVEYOR CONVEYOR RINSING HOPPER PLUG SEAL RINSING SOLVENT TIGHT ROTARY DESOLVENTISER–TOASTER SEAL CONVEYOR OUTGOING BULK FLOW CONVEYOR BAGGING CHUTES MEAL COOLER FEED CONVEYOR SCREW SCREW CONVEYOR DISCHARGE HOPPER WITH HOPPER RINSING HOPPER PUMP BULK FLOW CONVEYOR DT OUTLET FEEDER FROM SOLVENT WATER SEPARATOR PUMP FILTER T T T SPRAY PUMPS S C C TO BLEACHING HOT WATER TO VACUUM S RETENTION TANK S C HIGH SHEAR MIXER HIGH SHEAR MIXER HYDRATION TANK ALKALI DOSING SYSTEM HEATER SEPARATOR HEATER DOSING SYSTEM SEPARATOR VACUUM DRYER DRY OIL PUMP PHOSPHORIC DOSING SYSTEM FEED PUMP CRUDE OIL S C HEATER FM ECONOMIZER DEODORIZED OIL DEODORIZED OIL GUMS / SOAP STOCK WASH HOT WATER FM WATER TO BLEACHING HIGH SHEAR MIXER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP

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Highlights Lowers bleaching earth consumption to obtain the consistent continuous bleaching result. Accurate and easy metering of oil and earth for obtaining quickly bleached oil of the desired colour Uniform holding time of the oil-earth mixture in the bleacher. Oil filtration in hermetic leaf filters with stainless steel frame and wire cloths requires no maintenance. No formation of decomposed residues. No decantation/settling during bleaching due to highly effective agitation arrangement. A safety filter is provided for removal of possible earth traces after main filtration. Oil content in spent cakes less than 22. Maintenance free bleacher. www.muezhest.com We have done the TOTAL ENGINEERING of the ENZYMATIC DEGUMMING TECHNOLOGY successfully implemented and commissioned the plants on commercial scale. The enzymatic degumming process has significantly checked the CONTENT of PHOSPHORUS level in every oil. The OIL received from previous stages contains traces of soap iron and few ppm of PHOSPHOLIPIDS and CAROTENES these contents are undesirable and required to be removed in Bleaching Operation MUEZ-HESTs bleaching machines includes STEAM AGITATED bleacher comprises of an acid treatment a separate OIL and EARTH mixing DEVICE with MECHANICAL MIXER this arrangement ensures no carryover of bleaching earth into vacuum system Main Bleaching vessel and Hermetic filters. Bleaching with PLF 4 Highlights Extremely Low Phosphorus Content 5 PPM. Low Neutral oil loss compare to conventional degumming. Adoptable with little modification in the existing Refinery Plants. Water Wash is not required. No harsh chemicals are used hence no Hazardous Effluents. Enzymatic Degumming S VENT C TO DEODORIZATION OIL FILTRATION PUMP EARTH/ CARBON EARTH FEED TANK PRESSURE LEAF FILTERS LCV S OIL EARTH MIXER BLEACHER CLOUDY OIL PUMP CLOUDY OIL TANK CYCLONE SEPARATOR TO VACUUM MICRO FILTER MICRO FILTER TO OIL EARTH MIXER DEGUMMED/ ALKALI REFINED OIL VFD LC C S OIL OUT OIL IN FM FM WATER TO WASH WATER TO VACUUM TO BLEACHING TO BLEACHING HOT WATER S FILTERED CRUDE OIL ECONOMIZER HEATER CHEMICAL DOSING HIGH SHEAR MIXER RETENTION TANK CHEMICAL DOSING S C S C HYDRATION TANK S C HEATER FM INLINE MIXER SEPARATOR SEPARATOR GUMS TANK TO WASH WATER OIL VACUUM DRYER C DRY OIL PUMP STATIC MIXER HIGH SHEAR MIXER RETENTION TANK CHEMICAL DOSING HIGH SHEAR MIXER RETENTION TANK FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP

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Highlights Maximum Heat Recovery Zero percentage of Contamination No Trans-Isomer generation Quick Maximum Flexibilities in feed material Large Surface Area Exposer to Vacuum Low Steam Consumption Suitable temperature for addition of antioxidant No packing/ filling material inside No short circuit of oil in process Practically - No Maintenance www.muezhest.com A very simple requirement of this process is to produce CLEAR BRILLIANT refined oil to meet required specifications of CLOUD POINT. MUEZ-HEST developed a Perfect and Highly Effective Crystallization / Winterization and Filtration process. It is composed of HOMOGENIZER CRYSTALLIZER and WINTERIZER EQUIPMENTS with SEQUENTIAL COOLING cycle. Physical Refining process is used to remove free Fatty Acid using Steam Distillation method at high temperature and under high vacuum and it is followed by Deodorization and an extra technical facility is added before deodorization for removal of free fatty acid. Deodorization process is used to remove unacceptable odour by steam distillation. The odoriferous compound are stripped off with the help of live injected steam into heated oil under high vacuum. De-waxing/Winterization WINTERIZATION Physical Refining / Deodorization 5 DEWAXING TO FILTRATION PUMP FILTRATION TO GRAVITY FILTER TO DEODORIZATION FROM BLEACHING TO BLEACHED OIL TANK CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER ECONOMIZER FILTRATION PUMP FEED PUMP CHILLED WATER TANK CHILLING PLANT FROM DE-WAXED PUMP COOLING TOWER S C HEATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP TO FILTRATION PUMP FILTRATION TO GRAVITY FILTER TO DEODORIZATION FROM BLEACHING TO BLEACHED OIL TANK CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER ECONOMIZER FILTRATION PUMP FEED PUMP CHILLED WATER TANK CHILLING PLANT FROM WINTERIZED PUMP COOLING TOWER S C HEATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER CHILLED WATER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP LSH LT LSH FATTY ACID TO NEXT PROCESS STEAM DEODORIZED OIL CWS VIA ECONOMIZER MICRO FILTER FM CWR CWS CWR DEODORIZER TO VACUUM OIL COOLER COOLING TRAY COOLING TRAY DEODORIZING HEATING/ DEODORIZING II DEODORIZING III I HEATING TRAY INTERCONNECTING DUCT VAPOUR SCRUBBER FATTY ACID COOLER FM DISTILLATION / HEATING SOFT COLUMN FROM BLEACHING PHYSICAL REFINING FATTY ACID PUMP POLISH FILTER ECONOMIZER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP POLISH FILTER

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Highlights Low consumption of Catalyst. Low Time Cycle of Batch. Very High and Smooth Product Quality. 100 safe Technology for Catalyst Dosing. Low Steam and Power Consumption Highlights High Yield of Olein Low Cloud Point Low Power Consumption Low Steam Consumption Some Plant Can Produce Super Olein and Top Olein Also. www.muezhest.com MUEZ-HEST has developed and is specialized to provide a LOW OPERATING COST FRACTIONATION PLANT which gives high yield of Olein and low yield of Stearin. We provide PLC automation for efficient working and reliability of the dry fractionation plant. The crystallization process of stearin is done in Muez-Hest developed highly effective crystallizers. Dry Fractionation Basically Inter-esterification in oils is the intra and intermolecular exchange of fatty acids on the glycerol backbone of triacylgly-cerols. Inter-esterification can offer a real synergy between the textural properties and melting properties of the two constituting fats. Muez-Hest developed Reactor and Plant has many benefits. Interesterification Fat Modification 6 CHILLING UNIT CHILLED WATER TANK HEATER TO RBD TANK TO HEATER FM TO MEMBRANE FILTRATION CRYSTALLIZER LPS LPC RETURN LINE FROM RE-HEAT CIRCULATION PUMP ECONMIZER OLEIN FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP COOLING TOWER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER CRYSTALLIZER OLEIN STORAGE LSH LSH LSH LSH LSH LSH FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP RBD PALM OIL FEED PUMP FEED PUMP VENT FEED PUMP CYCLONE LI CLOUDY OIL TANK INTER ESTERIFIED BLEACHED OIL/FAT C P NITROGEN GAS FEED PUMP FEED PUMP MICRO FILTER FEED PUMP C S S TT FEED S C BLENDING VESSEL CATALYST DOSING SYSTEM REACTION VESSEL BLEACHER HEAT EXCHANGER S C STATIC MIXER CITRIC DOSING ACTIVATED CLAY HOPPER TO RECOVERY VACUUM DUCT VACUUM DUCT EARTH/ CARBON PRESSURE LEAF FILTERS VACUUM DUCT

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Highlights Complete Formulation/ Recipe Flexible Pipe line arrangement for different application. Combination of Fats and oils based on availability of oil in Existing Plant. Best Engineering Technology. Bakery Shortening Margarine Mayonnaise is a Fat modification Process to get the desired Fat for crispy Fluffy and delicious Bakery Product. Muez-Hest offers Bakery shortening Margarine Mayonnaise Plant which is designed to meet International Standards. Uses of Margarine/Shortening Creams Cakes Breads Short pastry/Puff pastry Biscuits Bakery Shortening/Margarine/Mayonnaise www.muezhest.com Lecithin Plant Gums Obtained after water degumming process of oils and fats will be converted into edible grade lecithin. MUEZ-HEST provides the technology for making even pharma grade lecithin. MUEZ-HEST Offers Technology and Plants for Standard Lecithin Bleached Lecithin Modified Lecithin and many more. Value Addition 7 TT CWR CWS COOLER CRUDE GUMS TO STORAGE S C S C PRE-TREATMENT EVAPORATION COOLING DRAIN RECEIVER AGITATED THIN FILM EVAPORATOR S C MAGNETIC TRAP MAGNETIC TRAP LECITHIN FILTER BIO-REACTOR BIO-REACTOR FEED PUMP CHEMICAL DOSING TO VACUUM FEED PUMP FEED PUMP TT FEED PUMP S CWR CWS CRUDE GUMS TO STORAGE S C S S C HEATER HEATER EVAPORATOR PRE-TREATMENT EVAPORATION COOLING FINAL COOLER MAGNETIC TRAP MIST ELEMINATOR TO VACUUM BIO- REACTOR MAGNETIC TRAP CHEMICAL DOSING FEED PUMP FEED PUMP TT TT TT TT C C BIO- REACTOR C REMELT TANK W S PERFORMER BLENDING TANK FEED TANK EMULSIFYING STABILIZING AGENTS / WATER FEED PUMP C PERFORMER S W MATURATOR MATURATOR THREE WAY VALVE RESTING TUBE RESTING TUBE PACKING BRICK MARGARINE TUB FILLING MACHINE WT TO CHILLING SYSTEM W W C PERFORMER PACKING TO CHILLING SYSTEM FEED PUMP LATEST TECHNOLOGY TRADITIONAL

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Highlights Continuous operation Less Chemical dozing Low Glycerine losses Best Colour High Yield www.muezhest.com The Crude glycerine 80 to 85 is distilled under high Vacuum and suitable temperature. After distillation the glycerine is cooled down to bleaching temperature. The bleaching is done by passing through the fixed bed of activated carbon then glycerine is filtered and cooled down to filling temperature. Glycerine Distillation High Pressure Splitting With Pre Concentration The splitting reaction of oil and water takes place under high temperature and high pressure. Three hydroxyl OH group of water added to triglyceride under high pressure and temperature then three molecule of Fatty Acid and one molecule of Glycerol is manufactured. The Crude Fat enter in the splitting tower from bottom to top counter current phase while the water travels downwards as a dispersed phase through the interface mixing of fat and fatty acids. Splitting Degree of 99 and above reached consistently. Oleochemicals 8 Highlights High productivity More oil/fat splitting degree High quality product output Less contamination Low maintenance Low steam Consumption CWS CWR S S LPS LPC S C SWEET WATER PURIFICATION LOW GRADE FATTY ACID FAT TRAP CONDENSATE RECOVERY HPS CRUDE FAT OILS FM TO VACUUM PRE-CONCENTRATION MPS FEED PUMP FATTY ACID V/S FEED HEATER DEA-RETER HEATER HP FEED PUMP FAT ECONOMIZER D.M. WATER TANK HP FEED PUMP WATER/OIL HP PUMP WATER FAT SEPARATOR FAT SEPARATOR FLASHING VESSEL SWEET WATER PUMP FATTY ACID PUMP FM TO VACUUM TO STORAGE TO C.F.A STORAGE TANK COOLER C SCRUBBING FLASH VAPOUR CONDE- NSOR CWS CWR SPLITTING COLUMN SV TCV LCV LT TCV TCV PCV TCV SZ PCV FEED PUMP CWS CWS CWS TCV TCV LCV LPS LPC SURFACE CONDENSOR CWS CWR CWR BLEACHING VESSEL DISTILLED GLYCERINE COOLER SECOND GRADE GLYCERINE COOLER TO STORAGE 2nd GRADE GLYCERINE LPS TCV FM CWR TO STORAGE PHARMA GRADE FINAL GLYCERINE COOLER POLISHING FILTER RESIDUE RECEIVER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP CWS CWS CWS TCV TCV LPS DRYER VESSEL LPC LCV LCV MPC CWR REWORK COOLER SODA VESSEL FIRST REBOILER PH FM MPS SECOND REBOILER CAUSTIC SODA MIXER CRUDE GLYCERIN FROM STORAGE RESIDUE RECEIVER MPS MPC MPS MPC DEODORIZER VAPOR SCRUBBER TO VACCUM PCV TO VACCUM LCV FM FM INTERMEDIATE RECEIVER DISTILLATION COLUMN CWR

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www.muezhest.com Fractional distillation facilitates the separation of fatty acid mixtures into composite cuts or even individual components. The fatty acids are fractionated in vacuum columns having different packing which allow high separation efficiency and low pressure drop. Falling film are provided to gently evaporate the liquid phase and vapours are condensed in surface condenser. We are the first engineering company having a well-equipped Research Development and Innovation Centre which has been approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research DSIR Govt. of India and New Delhi. MHRDC was established as Food Research Analytical Service Centre to Food Processing Oil Milling Agriculture and Allied Value Added Industries. We have well equipped lab with sophisticated calibration instruments like GC Gas Liquid Chromatography Spectrophotometer UV- Visible Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus Kjeldahl Apparatus Soxhlet Apparatus Karl Fisher Flash and Fire Point Apparatus Brookfield Viscometer Lovibond Tintometer etc. for oils fats and foods Analysis with high accuracy and precision. Fractional Distillation Three Column System Research Analytical Laboratory RD Facility 9 Highlights Specific Designs as per Client. Optimized Heat recovery. High purity of fatty acid fractions. CWS CWR TO VACUUM DRYER CONDENSER DRYER VESSEL LPS LPC FEED PRE HEATER TO STORAGE HEAT EXCHANGER CRUDE F.A. FROM FINAL PRODUCT TFR HEAT EXCHANGER TFS TFS FEED PUMP TO VACUUM PRECUT COLUMN VENT CONDE- NSER CWR CWS PRECUT COLUMN CONDENSER CWS CWR PRECUT COLUMN PRECUT COLUMN DISTILLATE RECEIVER FEED PUMP ODOUR CUT COOLER CWS CWR ODOUR MIDDLE CUT PRODUCT RECEIVER CWS CWR TFR PRECUT COLUMN REBOILER TFS TFR FINAL FEED HEATER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP FEED PUMP MIDDLE CUT TRANSFER PUMP C - C 8 10 PRECUT COLUMN CONDENSER CONDENSER CONDENSER TFS DMW LPC REFLUX DRUM STEAM GENERATOR COLUMN DISTILLATE RECEIVER FINAL COLUMN FATTY ACID DISTILLATION COLUMN FALLING FILM REBOILER TFR TFR TFR TFS TFS FINAL FEED HEATER COLUMN REBOILER RESIDUE RECEIVER FINAL RESIDUE COOLER TO RESIDUE COLUMN VENT CONDE- NSER FEED PUMP FEED PUMP C - C 12 14 C - C - C 12 14 16 C FRACTION OR 18 C - C FRACTION 16 18 CWR CWS CWR CWS CWR CWS CWR CWS TO VACUUM TO VACUUM

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www.muezhest.com Muez-Hest Research Development centre has been developing Continuously Process Technologies and Value Engineering for Oils Fats and Food. We work on concept to commercialization with proto validation to meet customers specific requirements. Proto-validation Tailor Made Equipments 10 Distillation Column Economiser/Heater Fat Separator Fatty Acid Vapour Scrubber High Shear Mixer Hydration Tank Intermediate Receiver Oil Earth Mixer Pressure Leaf Filter PLF Soft Column Splitting Column Super Heater Autoclave Crystallizer Bleacher Deareator Heater Decanter Deodorizer Deodorizer RESIDUE

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01/16 CROSSPOINT: 28898194 MUEZ-HEST INDIA PVT. LTD. Regd. Office: 230/231 Blue Rose Industrial Estate Western Express Highway Borivali East Mumbai-400 066 Maharashtra India Tel: +91-22-2854 1758/2870 1752/0071/4141 Fax: +91-22-2854 1758 Email: infomuezhest.com Website: www.muezhest.com MUEZ-HEST RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE MHRDC 93 94 Shivan Sai Vajreshwari Road Taluka Vasai Dist. Palghar-401 303. Note: The specifications and processes explained in this brochure are subject to change for improvements and adoption of newer technologies. The information provided should be taken as a reference source without any liability on our part. Our Strength and Capabilities C o n c e p t t o P e r f o r m a n c e Technology Engineering Manufacturing Turnkey Installation Commissioning Technical Assistant Services Tailor Made Solution Research Analytical Laboratory Proto-validation

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