Popular Indian Traditional Jewelleries for Indian Bride

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Popular Indian Traditional Jewelleries for Indian Bride When it comes to Indian marriages jewellery is the centre of attraction for the entire occasion. Use of traditional jewellery makes a wedding in India unique and royal in itself. The exclusive designs fine work gives Indian jewellery a splendid look. The traditional Indian jewellery made up of gold is usually passed from one generation to the other generation in weddings.

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Some Popular Designs of Traditional Indian Jewellery Various types of Indian gold jewellery designs are bangles necklaces armlets nose rings bracelets finger rings earrings toe rings pendants and anklets. The brilliance and fineness of these ornaments are spellbinding. Indian jewellery does not come only in antique and traditional designs it also comes in various contemporary designs that make use of some precious materials such as diamonds drop pearls emeralds ruby etc. When we discuss Indian traditional jewellery various cultures and regions depict their unique and different designs for the regional ornaments. Beaded work is trendy on the eastern side while the west is popular for jewellery with stone and mirror work. The north is well known for exclusively carved jewellery designs while the south is popular for temple-based designs. Most of the trends have been picked up from Middle East regions.

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Right Place to Buy Traditional Jewellery Traditional jewellery outlets available in various regions are ideal to buy traditional Indian jewellery items. Here customer can check the item by his own and can easily approach the jeweller in case of any fault. The other great option is buying jewellery online. Fancy Payal designs online are also easily available. Few popular designs techniques used to make jewellery are Kundan Filigree works and Meena. Kundan pendant set is very popular in India.

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