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COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING PRACTICES Mohammed Mubarak.M Dept of Community Health Nursing Govt.College of Nursing Kottayam


COMMUNITY HEALTH BAG Community health bag is an essential and indispensable equipment of the community health nurse which he/she has to carry along while conducting community visits. It contains basic articles which are necessary for giving nursing care at home situations/community settings.


AIM To render effective nursing care to clients in various settings such as home, school, occupational setting etc


OBJECTIVES To assess the health status of the clients To carry out need based nursing procedure based on scientific principles To demonstrate procedures to individuals, families and community To teach the clients, families and community regarding various procedures To evaluate the progress in the health status


PRINCIPLES The use of the bag technique should minimize the spread of infection from individuals to families and to the community. Bag technique should save time and effort on the part of the nurse in the performance of nursing procedures. The bag should contain all necessary articles and supplies required to provide essensial services The bag and its contents should be kept clean always.


PRINCIPLES Avoid unnecessary exposure of the articles inside the bag and take out only the required articles for the particular procedure Hand washing is done as frequently as the situation calls for which helps in minimizing the risk of infection. The bag and its contents should be cleaned as often as possible, supplies replaced and ready for use at any time. The bag when used for a communicable case should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before replacing items for next use.

Description of the bag:

Description of the bag The bag is made up of durable long lasting weightless washable and easily dryable material. The bag contains two outer compartments and two inner compartments with necessary pockets. A strap is attached to facilitate shoulder hanging. The bag is closed with two buckles.

1st Outer (Outermost) compartment:

1 st Outer (Outermost) compartment Folded Newspapers,paper bags, diary/notebook, pen, pencil, scale and health education materials

2nd Outer compartment:

2 nd Outer compartment Hand washing materials A plastic packet containing soap, soap dish and towel Clean Specimen bottles Measuring tape, torch

1st Inner Compartment:

1 st Inner Compartment Kidney tray Match box/Lighter Candle Clean rag piece

2nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment:

2 nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment Small bottle containing following solutions : Normal saline Betadine Benedict reagent Surgical spirit Acetic acid

2nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment:

2 nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment Articles Artery forceps 1 Thumb forceps 1 Scissors 1 Steel bowl 1 Thermometer 1 Fetoscope 1 Test tube 2 Test tube holder 1 Test tube brush 1 Spirit lamp 1 Measuring cup 1 Dropper 1

2nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment:

2 nd Inner (Innermost) Compartment Sterile dressing box containing Sterile cotton balls and Gauze pieces Clean reusable plastic packet containing Clean cotton balls, Gauze piece ,plaster/adhesive tape, bandage


GENERAL STEPS Greet the family and explain the purpose of visit Select a flat clean work area preferably on a higher surface which underpins body mechanics. Spread the newspaper on the surface area. Place the bag on the left side of the newspaper. Put the bag’s strap beneath the bag Ask the family for hand washing area Unbuckle the bag and take out the hand washing articles from the 2 nd outer compartment Give specific instructions to the family member as per the procedure


GENERAL STEPS Place the soap dish over the small piece of paper in a clean place near the washing area. Wash hands with soap and water using seven steps and dry with towel Take out the articles from the bag required for the planned procedure Keep the bag closed and arrange the articles over the spread paper. Carry out the procedure with proper explanation to the family members.


GENERAL STEPS Wash and dry the articles after the procedure and replace them properly in the bag. Provide relevant health education to family members. Hand over the newspaper and other solid waste to the family and ask them to dispose it by burning. Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care provided, write a report of the activities carried out in the diary and plan for next visit.

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