Life Cycle of Star

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brief power point describing the life cycle of stars.


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The Life Cycle of a Star: 

The Life Cycle of a Star

A Star is Born: 

A Star is Born Protostar The first stage Formed when a large cloud of dust and gas collapses under its own gravity. 60 million miles across Temperature starts to rise

Two Choices: Option 1: 

Two Choices: Option 1 The protostar is not big enough Turns into a brown dwarf larger than a planet, but smaller than a star does not give off much light

Two Choices: Option 2: 

Two Choices: Option 2 The protostar is big enough Protostar becomes a star! This phase is called the Main Sequence Will last between millions and billions of years.

What Happens Next?: 

What Happens Next? It depends on how big the new star is. There are three big divisions Sun-Size Huge -- 3 times the mass of the sun Giant -- over 3 times the mass of the sun







Red Giant Pictures: 

Red Giant Pictures

Planetary Nebula: 

Planetary Nebula



White Dwarf: 

White Dwarf

Neutron Star: 

Neutron Star

Black Hole: 

Black Hole

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