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Hello. I like this presentation very much. Can I have a copy please?

By: hamedfadaly (56 month(s) ago)

Hello. I like this presentation very much. Can I have a copy please?

By: hamedfadaly (56 month(s) ago)

Hello, I like this presentation very much. Can I have a copy please.

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Classroom Management Plan: 

Classroom Management Plan Robin L. Lewis June 11, 2007 EDCI 602

Classroom Management Definition: 

Classroom Management Definition Classroom management entails all of the rules and procedures that are necessary to help a classroom function effectively where student learning can occur.


Philosophy Discipline in the form of rules, procedures, rewards, and consequences helps maintain the order that is the foundation of a positive learning environment.

Positive Learning Environment: 

Positive Learning Environment A positive learning environment is one that is stable and controlled enough so that effective learning can take place.

The Rules: 

The Rules Be honest. Be prepared for class. Be respectful of the learning environment.


Consequences Verbal warning. Writing Assignment concerning the rule that was broken. Detention Phone call to Parent Parent/Teacher Conference Office Referral ***All consequences are subject to teacher’s discretion and can be distributed in any order that the teacher deems necessary.


Rewards Coupons Treats Homework pass Bathroom pass Candy Student of the Week Star Student Games Bonus Points Drinks Positive note home Verbal praise Most Improved

Entering the Classroom: 

Entering the Classroom Come into the classroom quietly. Sharpen all pencils and gather all necessary materials for class. Begin “Bellwork” on the board. Be seated in your assigned seat and working quietly.


Bathroom Procedures Everyone is issued a bathroom pass Hold up your bathroom pass. Write the date of the pass in the blank. Teacher will write the time out, then initial. You have 5 minutes to do your business. Return to teacher’s desk and teacher will sign you back in and return your pass to you.


Bathroom Stipulations

Leaving the Classroom: 

Leaving the Classroom With teacher’s permission Collect all of your belongings. Put desks in order. Clean your area and the area surrounding your desk. Make sure all assignments are turned in. Class does not end until the teacher (MS. LEWIS) dismisses you.

Assignment Headings: 

Assignment Headings Put your ID number in the upper right-hand corner of the paper and square it off. Put your name, date, and the day on the main line of the paper. On the 2nd line, put the title of the assignment. On the 3rd line, place all other relevant information such as page numbers, and assigned problems.


Tardies You are tardy if you are not in your ASSIGNED seat when the bell rings. Have a pass for an excused tardy Knock twice at the door. Enter classroom. Immediately go to your desk and begin Bellwork.

Parental Involvement: 

Parental Involvement Parent/Teacher Night (Meet and Greet parents) Parent/Teacher Conferences Positive notes/phone calls home Letters to parents concerning expectations

The End: 

The End

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