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Classroom Management Plan:

Classroom Management Plan By: Ashley Johnson

Classroom Management :

Classroom Management The ability to effectively and efficiently lead a classroom towards specific goals and objectives. This is done by organizing the students using routine procedures and assignments to keep them engaged so they will not be inclined to cause disruptions.

My Philosophy :

My Philosophy The students are responsible for their own education. It is the teacher’s job to provide the students with content, encouragement, incentives, and support.

Description of Positive Learning Environment :

Description of Positive Learning Environment Place students come to learn with very few disruptions or distractions Teacher provides environment where students can be successful Respectful and honest environment Place where everyone is doing their best Place where students are not afraid to express their ideas


Expectations Smile Do your Best Work Hard Over Achieve


Rules 1. Be to class on time and ready to work. 2. Respect yourself and others. 3.Be in your assigned seat at all times, unless given permission otherwise. 4. Keep your hands, feet, objects, and comments to yourself. 5. No food, gum, or drink in the classroom.


Consequences 1. Warning. 2. Last to leave class.(7 th period only) 3. Writing Assignment. 4. Detention / Call Home 5. Office Referral/ Call Home. (student will not be readmitted without signed behavior improvement slip by student, teacher, parent, and principal)( It did not work)

Rewards (Individual):

Rewards (Individual) Praise!!!! Student’s Work Posted Positive Notes and Phone Calls Home Homework Pass Teacher Helper Student of Week/ Month A List from Quizzes on Friday

Rewards (Class):

Rewards (Class) Marble Jar Free Time on Friday sometimes with food Movie Day Fun Review Game Free Seating (Did not try this)


Procedures Pencil Sharpen (raise your pencil and I will give you a nod or a shake, used hand held sharpeners) Bathroom (hold it, took the entire class, will use a pass) Test Taking (students will keep their eyes on their own paper & be quiet or minus 10-20 points with a check) Beginning of Class (students will come in quietly, sharpen their pencils, sit in their assigned seat, and start on the ‘Do Now’) End of Class (I dismiss the class not the bell)

Parental Involvement Plan:

Parental Involvement Plan Phone Calls Home during First Couple of Weeks of School Syllabus sent Home to be Signed by Parent Progress Reports sent Home to be Signed by Parent Involvement in PTA Positive/ Negative Phone Calls Home Numerous Letters sent home (Science Fair, Grades, Extra Credit) Request Parent/ Teacher Conferences

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hold Onto Your Seats!

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