Mt Baker Vapor and GWAR Partner to Deliver Delicious Vape Juice Flavor

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If you’ve been craving something different and are ready to take your vaping experience to the next level, Mt Baker Vapor has you covered. Their wide selection of signature vaping juice is made in-house at their facility in the US, and they ship to over 150 countries in the world.


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Mt Baker Vapor and GWAR Partner to Deliver Delicious Vape Juice Flavors For anyone unfamiliar with the heavy metal group GWAR they are more of a cultural tour de force than a band. Their concerts are widely regarded as the wildest most theatrical and generally the most magnificently over-the-top musical events that exist. There has simply never been anything like them before and there likely w o n ’t be again. Perhaps it is precisely that unparalleled uniqueness and unforgettable presence that makes them such a good match for Mt Baker Vapor committed as they are to producing the most unique and unforgettably delicious vape juice flavors. GWAR and Mt Baker Vapor uniting has resulted in GWAR Fluids a series of e cig flavors that are practically guaranteed to blow your mind. Bloodbath If there was some kind of galaxy-transcending space law that determined what vape juice flavors GWAR was required to produce the first law issued would demand that one of them would have to be called “Bloo d b a t h .” As is the case with the other flavors the name belies the deliciousness of the e cigarette juice. Bloodbath is an exotic blend of tropical fruits sure to please the palate of every vaper whether a Scumdog GWAR fan or not. Spew

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This is unquestionably not the first time that the word “sp ew” has been associated with GWAR but this is the first time it will have been associated with deliciousness. Spew is a predominately melon-based e cig juice enhanced by notes of mixed berries and fruits. German Chocolate Beefcake For this vape juice the essence of arguably the most delicious flavor of cake in our dimension — or any other —is distilled into a single vape juice flavor. Like the German chocolate cake on which it ’s based German Chocolate Beefcake is an admixture of rich chocolate sweet coconut and creamy caramel. Antarctic Ice A cool smooth bracing flavor that could only have been created in the barren icy wastes of Antarctica if a tropical orchard had somehow been flash-frozen there. Antarctic Ice is a witches brew of dragon fruit and citrus dipped into super-cool menthol. GWARy4 GWARy4 is said to be one of the first and most popular vaping juice flavors ever produced. That it is still here and still sought out all these years later is a testament to how sublime it is. It tastes like the finest pipe tobacco smells with hits of rich creamy vanilla and caramel-touched tobacco. Even the u n iver se’s most fearsome monsters of metal c an ’t get enough of it. Find these and more brutally delicious GWAR Fluids along with the rest of Mt Baker V ap o r’s incredible flavors at

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