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MT4 API allow to build new functions into the platform, integrate it with other solutions and customize it for a variety of unique tasks.


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YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO WE ARE? We are the product based company for FX trading & finance domain, as subsidiary for FX Trade Tools. Our development team with overall experience for 35+ yrs. of experience specializes in delivering quality & reliable solution. Our expertise ranges from developing plug-in, trading platform, copy trade platform, MAM, Risk modules and many more. We are offering our services to more than 50+ brokers and our mt4 manager API been used by 18 brokers with hosted & stable solution and 24x5 online support service. We closely work with development & integration team on every step to assure the best of API usage can be consumed. Our support team provides 24x5 online support, email support globally for all customers.

Why choose our MT4 Manager API?:

Why choose our MT4 Manager API? MT4 Manager API provides access to all administrative & relevant function to be executed from MT4 Manager. API is easy to use and well documented with sample code. API access is provided in web services as JSON and XML format can be consumed in PHP, java and DLL access for .net and C++, such an architecture makes API to be used cross-platform by nearly all of the modern programming languages, easy to plug and helpful in third party development. Supports multiple mt4 managers on single API license. API can be used for Prime and WL MT4 Broker.

MT4 Manager API Key features:

MT4 Manager API Key features Open Account: Web registration for demo & live account. Deposit & Withdraw: Auto Instant deposit/Withdraw from account. Enable/Disable Trading & Read only mode. Report: User can fetch open, close & transaction report. Event based recent open & close position. Leverage & password: Manager Password & leverage from account. Change group: Real time user account group can be change easily. Open & close position: Dealer based opening and closing a position. Risk Parameter: Manage real time risk parameter Feed Source

MT4 Manager API Useful for:

MT4 Manager API Useful for Tradersoom & CRM  Risk Based system  Signal Based system  Mobile Apps Contest Application  Multi Account Manager  Performance & Stat  Plug-in

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