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Greek God Cronus :

Greek God Cronus By GreestianRoque

About Cronus. :

About Cronus. Cronus is the one of the 12 titans that Gaia and Uranus had. About Cronus. Cronus is one of the sons that Gaia and Uranus had. About Cronus. Cronus was the leader of the first generation of titians and also the youngest.

His mother wants him to overthrown Uranus. :

His mother wants him to overthrown Uranus. Gaia wants one of her Children to overthrow Uranus why? It is because of how bad a father Uranus is due to how he put back some of his Children into Gaia wound.

How Cronus defeats Uranus.:

How Cronus defeats Uranus. Gaia wanted Cronus to defeat his father Uranus, so Gaia makes a sickle for Cronus. Cronus then cuts off his father testicle. He also promise his mother that he would free his siblings the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires, but he broke that promise.

Cronus new ruler.:

Cronus new ruler. Cronus is the new ruler and is marry to his sister Rhea. (Weird right) Cronus new ruler. He had 6 children with Rhea his sister and these six children are call the Olympians.

Cronus does something sick.:

Cronus does something sick. As ruler Cronus is thinking that the same thing that happen to his father is going to happen to him, so what he does is swallow all of his children. Cronus does something sick. Rhea does not like this so for the sixth child she puts a stone and hides the child name Zeus.

About the sixth child name Zeus. :

About the sixth child name Zeus. Zeus is the sixth child and was raised in the island of Crete. Zeus was raised by the by the Nymphs, and fed with honey and milk by the nurse goat Amaltheia. (Weird right)

The fight is about to begin.:

The fight is about to begin. Zeus is growing up and is becoming stronger. He plans with his mother to give Cronus a drink that will make him vomit out his siblings, and then a battle will begin with the Olympians and the Titans.

How Cronus is defeated.:

How Cronus is defeated. Zeus is ready to fight Cronus with the help of his siblings (Olympians), Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheires. The Cyclopes make a lighting bolt for Zeus to use, and with that lighting blot he is able to defeat his father and banish the titans.

What happen to Cronus after.:

What happen to Cronus after. Cronus and the other titans were imprison to the area called Tartarus. Except the Titan atlas Zeus made him carry the world on top of him.

Thank you apple.:

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