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Poseidon Christopher Aguila Poseidon 4/2/14 Poseidon Ms. Winters Poseidon English


About Poseidon is the greek god of the sea, earthquakes, horses, and storms. Although all of this are his specialties, his main thing is the ocean.


Background Poseidon, like his brothers and sisters, was the child of Rhea and Cronos. Cronos was superior at the time and feared his children would overpower him. Therefore, Cronos ate his children one by one when they were born.

Freedom of Poseidon:

Freedom of Poseidon During the period in which poseidon was inside Cronos, his brother zeus was born. Rhea didn’t want Cronos to eat Zeus like the other children so she hid him. Rhea gave Cronos a stone instead of Zeus, which Cronos believed to be his son. Zeus grew up strong and powerful and ventured out to free his siblings from his father.

The battle:

The battle Zeus obtained a poison to make his father vomit out his siblings. Zeus gave the poison to Rhea to feed to Cronos. Cronos drank the poison and vomited out his children. Zeus and his siblings, along with the monsters in tartarus defeated Cronos. Cronos was then sent by zeus into Tarturus for eternity. Poseidon was a great role in the battle, helping his allies to defeat his father.

Importance of Poseidon:

Importance of Poseidon Poseidon, the god of sea is worshipped by seamen and fishermen. His weapon is a trident, which is responsible for earthquakes. Poseidon alone, created the horse and many other animals. He is very important in greek mythology.

Fun Fact #1:

Fun Fact #1 Poseidon is married to Aphrodite. When poseidon first asked Aphrodite to marry him she refused. But, with many messengers, Poseidon convinced aphrodite to marry him.

Fun Fact #2:

Fun Fact #2 Poseidon loves his kids so much. Most of his kids are giants, including a cyclops.

Fun Fact #3:

Fun Fact #3 Poseidon obtained The position of God of the ocean after drawing lots with his brothers Zeus and Hades. Zeus obtained the heavens, poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld.


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