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Beautiful Lady:

Beautiful Lady Tebase, Bethelihem

Background Knowledge:

Background Knowledge Hera was the olympian goddess of marriage. Background Knowledge She was the spouse of Zeus, as well as his sister. Background Knowledge She was raised by the titians: Ocean and and Tethys.

Relationship To Zeus:

Relationship To Zeus Zeus was known as a “player” with both mortals and goddesses. Relationship To Zeus His unfaithfulness really aggravated Hera especially when he conceived a baby with a mortal woman named Hercales. It is said that she attacked him with venomous snakes and stirred up the Amazon against him while he was on his quest.

Place In The Levels Of Hierarchy :

Place In The Levels Of Hierarchy While higher in the hierarchy, still far inferior to Zeus and is ordered to obey his commands like many other Gods and Goddesses.

Fun Facts #1 :

Fun Facts #1 Did you know that the creative force we refer to as “God” was actually conceived of as a woman? There are spiritual groups who dedicate their worship to goddesses, like Hera, including some groups from the Christian society.

Further Information:

Further Information It is believed that Hera’s naive ways and jealous behavior are mythological reflections on today’s society, including the different spiritualities of man.

Hera and her symbol, the peacock.:

Hera and her symbol, the peacock. You may often find a portrait of Hera surround by the feathers of a peacock. Legend has it that the peacock feathers are all seeing and evil. It is said that Hera used the hundred eyes of her former loyal servant, Argus, who was transformed into a peacock, and placed the eyes on, what are now, his magical feathers.

Fun Fact II:

Fun Fact II Did you know that Hera was swallowed by her father Cronus when born, and it was then that she was puked up to start her life.

Worshipping Of Hera:

Worshipping Of Hera Hera continued to be worshipped in some form down into historical times. Her worship is dismissed as a “fertility cult.” The rituals are often performed for the production of crops in barren lands.

Fun Fact III:

Fun Fact III Did you know that Hera, the jealous goddess of marriage, supported the Greek during the Trojan War, because Paris, a prince of Troy, said that Aphrodite and not Hera, was the most beautiful of the gods.



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